Problems incorporating minecraft in a Dojo.

  • Hello!
    I have tried to use minecraft in some dojo meetings. The problem seems to be that there is no natural way of approaching anything programming related.

    I need some ideas!

    They know a bit about command blocks, so probably I will go for creating a task using command blocks.

    I also want to use adventure mode to keep them focused on the task and not play around. When they have solved the task, the adventure mode should be released and they will be rated on how fast they solve the task.

    I consider programming the task myself using scriptcraft, but I have no real idea what to do. The task should be divided in some stages. I am an advanced programmer so the programming part is not the big issue. Just the ideas.

    They should all be able to master the task so it cant be too complicated, but it should be programming related. I consider creating a machine that can produce for instance gold programming related, but I would prefer a task where there is actual code.

    What should I do? I can share the task with all of you if I manage to do it.

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    @Josh-Wulf might have some ideas if he’s around. He’s likely done a lot of thinking about this sort of thing as part of creating magikcraft.

  • Magikcraft seems interesting. Do I really need to connect it to my github account?

  • I’ve been using ( and in particular the section that was created with the aid of some of the Minecraft developers: . It does a great job of introducing several Computer Science concepts. While it is not Minecraft itself, the pacing of the guided learning experience really seems to engage the ninjas. There is also a mechanism on the site to set up the ninjas with their own login and “secret phrase” (or a picture password for those too young to read) and allows you to track the entire group’s progress as they move through the exercises.

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    I think it uses GitHub to store your “spellbook”, so I guess you probably do. I’ve only really seen demos and played with it for a few minutes.

  • It seems like computercraft + computercraftedu (beginners turtle) had a lot of what I am seeking, and they are free!

  • @Anders-Lindén Do you need to be running against a offical mine craft server, or could you e.g. run up a docker server with mine craft server on it and connect locally?

  • Hi, we used the following lesson with some Raspberry Pis today. You can use Python to program different tasks in Minecraft. Great fun and easy to setup on the pi.

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