Co-partner for App.

  • Honestly, I am unsure of the age demographic of this website or the common nature of this request. I am 15, almost 16, and have a developed idea for an app. I would like to find a co-partner who is able to code. This will be a long term project with equal successes for the pair of us. I know this website looks to be just speaking about conventions, but I am just trying my luck anywhere to find someone willing! I’ll discuss details of my idea if anyone shows interest. Thank you!

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    @Caoimhe-Ebbs Hi Caoimhe, :wave_tone1:
    thanks for getting in touch! That sounds very exciting!

    • Are you involved currently in a CoderDojo club in your area?
      If not you can find your nearest Dojo here.

    Dojos are a great place to learn coding skills and to meet other young people with similar interests so it would make it easier to find others who would be interested in working together to create the project together.
    They are also a great way to ask other young people to try out your project and get feedback so you can make it even better!
    Dojos also have Mentors who will be able to support you if you have any questions, which can be a big help when you are getting started.

    • Have you any experience with coding apps?
      Even if you haven’t tried before you can create your own app. Our resources, such as our App Inventor Sushi Cards go through the process step by step to guide you through it.

    Check them the Beginner level resources here and additional resources here. :D

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