Can you help categorize materials???

  • Hi,
    We use quite a few of the resources in our dojo. Many of them are just pure Scratch (i.e. space maze), or pure python (i.e. secret agent chat) so the kids don’t even need a pi. Others, like parent detector we have pis, camera, and motion sensors to do.

    The materials are excellent. However, its hard to find stuff, and you have to open up the resource to see what technologies it uses, and figure out whether you have everything.

    It would be really helpful if the resources were organized - or even if a separate page with organized lists and links was created. I’d like to see a list for just scratch, just python, just HTML, as well which ones require a PI with camera, Pi with other accessories, etc.

    Some indication of how difficult the resource is would be helpful too. Most of them so far have been great for my intermediate kids.


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    Hey Ruth,

    On the Raspberry Pi Projects homepage at there is a dropdown for “Technology” at the top of the page. It’s work in progress, but right now you can select between Scratch, Web Development, Python and Physical Computing.

    You will also see that under the project headings, there are now tags which you can click to find related projects.

    Hope this helps!

  • Yes, it does. I’ve always gone through the main, Education, Resources link ( which doesn’t organize it like this.

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