Want to incorporate Raspberry Pi into dojo but no monitors?

  • Hi all - Wendy from Clonakilty here. We have a fantastic group who are really excited to work with Raspberry Pi. I especially want to expose our Girls Table to hardware and we have a number of devices to work with. My stumbling block is a monitor. Our Pi2 has an HDMI output - but finding monitors with HDMI is proving difficult. Loads of VGAs but no HDMI. How are you guys working with these devices while at your dojo? Any and all ideas are needed. Thanks.

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    Hey Wendy, for mine I got an adapter like this one. Some people also use television screens that have a hdmi port, but computer screens tend to be easier for moving in a Dojo context.

  • Thats great Nuala - hadn’t seen such a low price on those adapters - the ones I had seen were €20! I think we’ll leave the TVs at home #IHaveEnoughToCarry
    Thank you

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    @Wendy Haha totally understand where you are coming from! Yea, you might be able to get even cheaper if you look around, that was just what I spotted there :)

    Had you any plans for what you will do using the Raspberry Pi?
    Sonic pi went down really well at our Dojo, and it requires only headphones or speakers in addition to a mouse, keyboard and pi. Here is some Sonic Pi resources CoderDojo Scotland developed.
    Also if you are just getting to grips yourself with the Pi, this free course might be useful for you or other Mentors in your Dojo to take to get grips with it ahead of the Dojo.

    Also Astro Pi is open to Dojos across ESA countries (most of Europe, including Ireland). If your Dojo registers they’ll be send out free resources and could even get their code run on the International Space station! You can find out more about it here. :rocket:

  • Thanks for the ideas - we’re just pulling together the hardware and the space required to work on this… will keep on hand for when we need ideas.

  • @Wendy There’s also VNC and you can connect to them via USB too if you need to go totally monitor free and kids have laptops.

  • @KramKroc sorry for the delay in replying - I am not familiar with VNC. Can you elaborate? Thanks for the reply - your idea is highly intriguing to me!

  • @Wendy There’s a great article here:


    You do need a decent/stable network otherwise it will suffer from lag etc.


  • @KramKroc that’s great. Will play around with it to see if I can get it to work. The network we have at dojo is shakey at best. … but worth a look. thanks!

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