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  • Hi folks,

    I’d asked this back in May but wanted to check again as some parents seem frustrated that they can’t join a waitlist once an event is sold out. To add to the confusion, we’ve got two events in October, both are fully booked (in fact I’ve overbooked to allow two brothers to come along) but one shows as full and doesn’t allow you to do anything, whereas the other is showing as available (this is the one I overbooked).

    At the moment we’re having to go and add people to a waitlist and also manage cancellations (which I know I have moaned about before :D) so I was wondering if there’s a timeline for when waitlist (and cancellations) will be available on the platform.


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    Hey Mark

    So, I’ll start with the easy one :sweat_smile: – User managed cancellation should be coming pretty soon! @Guillaume-Feliciano spent a couple weekends putting together a page where users can view their upcoming tickets and cancel them. We’ll update the confirmation emails to include a link to this page, and they’ll also be able to navigate to this page from the web UI.

    I’m reviewing his code at the moment, and there’ll likely be some tweaking before pushing it live, but expect to see it in the next few weeks. If you’re not already, you can subscribe to this forum thread to get updates as we roll out these new features - https://forums.coderdojo.com/topic/261/zen-platform-known-issues-and-new-features

    Onto the more difficult question, waitlist…

    Unfortunately, we have no timeline on this. While we understand it is an important feature for Dojos, it has fallen behind other items in priority. As of now, the only real options are manual approval (which adds admin overhead) or adding a waitlist ticket in each session. Neither workaround is optimal, but it does give you some sort of control.

    As I said in another thread, we’re hiring a product manager whose job it will be to understand how users use the platform and how they want to use the platform and prioritise accordingly. If their research shows a larger need for a waitlist feature, then we will prioritise it, but for the moment I’m afraid I can only offer the above workaround. :frowning2:

    I hope this helps you in some way, and again, if we ever do ship a waitlist feature, we’ll shout about in the thread linked above.

  • Thanks @Daniel-Brierton and while the waitlist is an overhead for us (I’ve tried both workarounds) the ability to cancel tickets will be a great help. I’ve found that parents only get in touch via e-mail at the last moment so we’ve not been able to free up the tickets for other kids in time for them to come along.

    As a wish list request :D If a ticket is cancelled, I would like it to be automatically be assigned to the next on the waitlist.

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