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    After a lot of research and insightful contributions from the CoderDojo community I am delighted to tell you about our new ‘Empowering the Future’ guide! This guide is our most comprehensive, practical toolkit yet to help Dojos increase the numbers of girls in their Dojo and achieve gender parity!

    Dojos who sign up here to increase the proportion of girls in their Dojo towards gender parity will have the guide sent out to them as part of a pack for free.

    alt text
    Some of the areas that are covered in the guide include:

    • approaches to improve the Dojo environment and layout
    • accessing the language and images used to describe your Dojo
    • content considerations and suggested resources
    • importance of and ways to increase access to female role models in your Dojo.

    Packs sent to Dojos will include our new guide, CoderDojo stickers, content cards, flyers, three ‘Supporting CoderDojo Girls’ Parent & Guardian guides and five CoderDojo lanyards.

    The guide will be available in English, Italian & Spanish. Dojos will be able to download and print the guide to use for their Dojo from the end of September.

    For more visit:
    And on social media use #CoderDojoGirls

  • @Nuala-Nic-Éil Great to see this. One point on the form, on question 6 (which, if any, activities have you tried) there needs to be an option to select “none” if you’ve not tackled any of the suggested layouts/additional dojos.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @KramKroc Great point. We will add this now, thanks for your feedback! :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Hi @Nuala-Nic-Éil our pack arrived today. Yippie! Must try to put aside some time to read through the materials and see what works for our Dojo. One thing that seems to be missing is the sticker sheet. What does it look like as I can’t seem to find it in the envelope?


  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @KramKroc Heya Mark, hmm not sure what you mean by sticker sheet. There should have been CoderDojo stickers in the pack, but these weren’t on a sheet, they would have been loose in the package. :)

  • @Nuala-Nic-Éil I don’t think they were in our package so? :(

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @KramKroc aw no! That is awful to hear, don’t worry we will send them to you seperately but it will likely be next week with DojoCon this weekend. Really sorry about that, must have just been a mix up when we packed it.

  • @Nuala-Nic-Éil that would be great. You still have our details? Stickers are great for motivation/rewards :D

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @KramKroc Hey Mark, Yea I have your details and I have them ready to go in the post to you today :)

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    There has been so much demand for our CoderDojo Guides and packs that we have only 4 more English guides and resources available for Dojos!
    If you want to use the guide, gain insights from other Dojos, and try their methods to increase the proportion of girls in your Dojo and you haven’t already applied for a pack, then apply now!

    If you would prefer a Italian or Spanish version of the guide these are still readily available, please apply here:

    Below is one batch of #CoderDojoGirls Initiative Packs we’ve already sent out!
    alt text

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    All English packs have now been allocated but Dojos can still apply for free Italian and Spanish Guides to be sent out to them as part of a pack of useful resources to encourage girls in their Dojo!

    Note: Deadline to apply today. One pack per Dojo

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hey Everyone! Wonderful news our ‘Empowering the Future’ guide is now also available in Italian and Spanish here >>>

    This is our most comprehensive guide yet of practical approaches Dojos have tested to engage and sustain girls.:raised_hands:

    Check it out and let us know what you think :smile:

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