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    Hi all,

    At this months Community Call (20th September) one of the agenda items is the CoderDojo Charter. There are few additions that we are making to clarify some points that have been raised over the years since the Charter was first brought in December 2013. There will be an opportunity for people to give feedback on changes. Moving forward we will be reviewing the Charter once or twice a year to ensure it still meets its original goals, so it’s also an opportunity to propose anything additional for future iterations. If you cannot participate in this months community call, please get in touch via email or on the forums to propose any additional items for future iterations

    All insertions are below in bold and italic.

    For the purposes of this Charter, “CoderDojo” shall mean the open source, volunteer led movement orientated around running free not-for-profit coding clubs. “Dojos” shall mean the not-for profit coding clubs established to support communities and spread the philosophy of CoderDojo.

    All Dojos are independent, autonomous, community groups set up to inspire young people to learn code.
    All Dojos have different styles of operating but they all hold the same ethos.

    • We commit to inspiring and supporting young people to learn how to create technology
    • We commit to the highest possible standards of child protection in our jurisdiction
    • We commit to not charging children attending nor their parents
    • We commit to encourage parent participation within our Dojo
    • We commit to sharing our knowledge for free (libre and open)
    • We commit to share our knowledge within our Dojo and to other Dojos
    • We commit to take care and uphold the good name of the global CoderDojo community
    • We commit to encouraging collaboration, peer to peer mentoring and project work between the attendees
    • We commit to welcoming volunteers and children regardless of gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, creed, religion or ability.

    CoderDojo Foundation (CDF) commitments to you:

    • CDF commits to act in the interest of the global CoderDojo community
    • CDF commits to facilitating the community to share its knowledge
    • CDF commits to sharing our resources for free under Creative Commons Noncommercial Attribution
    • CDF commits to encouraging active involvement in our organisation


    • On registration you are making an agreement with the CoderDojo Foundation and agreeing to follow the CoderDojo ethos.
    • You are entitled to use the CoderDojo name (No.85685280), logo (No.85685282) and website to promote your CoderDojo activity such as mentor recruitment, promotion of the activities of your Dojo, securing partnerships for the benefit of your Dojo. All usage of the name and logo must be for non commercial use.
    • You are entitled to fundraise on the condition that it is made explicit you do so for your Dojo or as a group of Dojos with their explicit consent under a group name (EG Dojos of California) and inappropriate fundraising is a breach of this Charter.
    • It is your responsibility to ensure you are compliant with legislation in your jurisdiction when undertaking any activities, including fundraising, for your Dojo or group of Dojos.
    • If the terms of this Charter are breached, CoderDojo Foundation retains the right to remove the group from the website. In this case your coding club shall cease using the CoderDojo name, brand and logo in the promotion of your coding club and on third party websites.
    • Opinions expressed by any individual Dojo or people in the registered Dojo do not represent the views of CoderDojo Foundation.
    • CoderDojo Foundation may terminate this Charter with any Dojo without cause on thirty days’ notice.
    • As CoderDojo Foundation is an Irish entity, this Charter is subject to Irish law and you agree to that.

    Disclaimer of Liability

    • CoderDojo Foundation accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever where a party is injured while engaging in the activities of a registered group. It is the responsibility of each club to ensure they maintain valid and appropriate insurance.
    • You are solely responsible for the activities conducted by your own Dojo. Agreeing to this Charter does not constitute endorsement of those activities by the CoderDojo Foundation.

  • Question about : We commit to not charging children attending nor their parents
    Charging is not easy to translate in french ! Do you mean : paying each session ?
    Our CoderDojo is managed by a non-profit. The children must pay an annual fee to be a member of the non profit to cover all the costs. So we have to “charge” once a year the children or the parents.
    Thank you !

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Nope, alas “charging” refers to “faire payer” in general. Hence payed membership isn’t either allowed.

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