Join our Open Community Call on Wednesday, September 20th!

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    Our next Open Community Call will be on Wednesday 20 September at 11am UTC (which is 12 noon in the ROI/UK). Everyone involved in a Dojo as a Champion, Mentor or Volunteer, or who is interested in getting involved is more than welcome join!

    Here is an outline of what will be discussed on this open call:

    • Giustina, the Foundation’s Executive Director will discuss updates to the CoderDojo Charter and ask for the communities input

    • our first guest Dave Honess from the Astro Pi project will explain how to get your ninjas code in space with Astro Pi.

    • Philip / Ciara from the content team, will be sharing news on new releases and some community curated content.

    • We will close with some community updates and supports from the community team and then open the floor to you the community for any questions or topics you’d like to discuss.

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    If you cannot attend the call, you can highlight anything you would like discussed on this thread below. We will be publishing the call as a video within two weeks of the call.

    How to join the Community Call

    At the specified date and time:

    • By phone: Dial a phone number and enter Conference ID, details below.

    International numbers available here: (

    Conference ID: 366-810-387 #

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    Who is our Special Guest on the call?

    Dave Honess is a software engineer by trade. He’s spent the last four years running the Astro Pi programme at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Astro Pi is an educational initiative lead by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in partnership with the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency. Dave’s a self confessed space geek and enjoys following a number of current missions including Rosetta, Mars Curiosity and Pathfinder. He also enjoys playing Elite Dangerous (when his young daughter allows).

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    :star2: :star: Here is Dave with two flight units that went into space! :star: :star2:

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