Unable to book tickets for my associated children

  • Sorry if this has been posted already, couldn’t find anything in a search.
    I am unable to book tickets to a Dojo event for the children in my profile. I have 3 children in my profile all under 13 and they do not appear in the “apply for” search window under the Mentor, Ninja, or Parent tickets. Only Myself appears under all three. Is there something I am missing? I reviewed the parents PDF posted in the platform section, but there was nothing I’ve missed from that document.
    thank you,

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi Kasey,
    We didn’t notice such thing previously, we’ll have to dig in to see what’s happening.
    Sorry for the inconvenience :|

  • Is there any update, or is there anything else I can provide you to help?

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi Kasey,
    Apologies, it’s a bit mad down here :)
    It seems you’ve been wrongfully added to the dojo as “attendee under 13”, and hence couldn’t book your kids in this dojo. It should be fixed now.
    Sorry again for the delay

  • Thank you!

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