Java suchi/Unity suchi/Coderdojo Girls toolkit beta release?

  • Hi Coderdojo,

    I was at a mentor meeting last night (August 29th).
    I am very interested in what comes after Scratch i.e. the in development:

    Java sushi & Unity sushi.

    (Have tried javascript and html - but neither my or the kids heart was in it). I am quite interested in Coderdojo Girls toolkit i.e.

    Can I get the following material (even beta) before release?
    (Java suchi/Unity suchi/Coderdojo Girls toolkit).

    Thank you for your time,

    Turloch O’Tierney Champion at ‘Dublin3@Oracle’ coderdojo.

    I am a Java Developer at Oracle (which owns Java), I have done 6 hrs of Unity with my 11 year old son over the summer, our small coderdojo ‘Dublin 3@Oracle’ is 50% girls, not sure what to get them excited about (i.e. not bombs and bullets), we are due to reopen 7th September.

    Oracle has internally been suggesting (Alice is in Java). Not really sure about the destination with Java (it is only quite good for everything), Minecraft modding in Java gets ninja excited - it is more about Minecraft than Java. Python (and Javascript) seem more prominent in

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Turloch-O-Tierney Hi Turloch, in relation to the CoderDojo Girls guide, I know I noted this in your other post but just incase anyone who sees this is wondering, it is currently in the process of being copy edited.

    We are releasing it in the coming weeks (during September) with a webpage where Dojos who sign up to improve the proportion of girls in their Dojo towards gender parity will have the guide [it’s roughly 30 pages] sent out to them for free, and Dojos will be also able to access and download and print the guide or any pages/sections they want to use at their Dojo from our website too.

    Some of the areas that will be covered in the guide include:

    • Approaches to improve the Dojo environment and layout (Experience based layouts, keeping peers together, mentor approaches),

    • accessing the language and images used to describe your Dojo,

    • content considerations and suggested resources,

    • importance of female mentors and ways to increase access to role models in your Dojo.

    Some mini-sushi content is also being released with the guide, the beta version of which is here for anyone who wants to try it out at their Dojo and give feedback to improve it! :D

    Regarding Java/Unity @Philip-Harney or @Ciara-McHugh should be able to help you out with that :slight_smile:

  • Hi Turloch,

    in CoderDojo Castleknock, we have run unity for a year, might be worth chatting to our mentor who leads this group, as we see huge commitment from ninja’s, once the steep learning curve of setup/ initial understanding is passed. they are hooked !

    -Bob Flynn ( anyone at Foundation has contact details )

  • @Ivo-Brett

    Sounds good, have been doing some Unity with my son anyway - would be great to have a decent lesson plan - my son and I are following a video tutorial for the moment.

    Cannot really do Unity at the local dojo if unity3d even hint at us paying as the pc/wifi/room providing company is over 100000 in revenue.


  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Turloch-O-Tierney Hi Turloch, I just wanted to check if you tried out the Beta Mini Sushi at your Dojo on the 7th and if you have any feedback? :)

  • Had not noticed there was more than the simple scratch suchi (I think simple scratch we have covered) - you may want your page layout more compact - will try out the html - I am thinking I do not want to try more ‘toy languages’ like app inventor, will try something that will work better for them/motivate them in the long term (and obviously have a gentle first few sessions). Have the ‘first session’ for 5 things available - not sure which topic will fire up the Ninja. We did lose 4 female 13 year old Ninja last year (all brought by one mentor), they were more interested in the art than the lines of code.

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