Is there an easy way to remove a badge? Or uploading custom badges yet?

  • I had a conference call with our other mentors, gearing up for our fall session here in Denver, Colorado. I was showing them how easy it was to award a badge, but now I’d like to remove that badge since it was only done as an example. I couldn’t find an easy way to do that on a student’s profile.

    I also remember some previous discussion over making custom badges at some point. Any idea when that might be available? Or are there any notes published on what would be needed to build custom badges for our dojo for things like badge image size/format, included text, etc.? Our dojo does some fun work with Sphero programming and we’d like to get some badges made there, etc…


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    Hey Ian,

    Hope all’s going well with your prep!

    At present, there’s no way to remove badges from a profile. Beyond your example, there isn’t really much necessity for it. If you want me to remove the badge, you can private message the profile to me, and which badge to remove, and I can go ahead and do it.

    We have briefly discussed the idea of custom badges in the past but ultimately have not been able to give it enough attention to even flesh out roughly how it might work from both user experience and technical standpoints. So, unfortunately, I wouldn’t expect it to be available anytime soon. We’re always evaluating our priorities though, so your input here is very much useful and welcome.

    On the possibility of us creating Sphero badges for you to award, @Philip-Harney and @Pete-OShea should be able to help on that front. The main thing is to nail down criteria for the various levels.

    Also, if you have any resources you may have created for programming Spheros (or even just links to existing resources that worked for you), we’d love to hear about them!

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