Can't get back to draft Events if no other one is still out and published

  • When you have no outstanding published events for a dojo, the dojo management screen does not present the ‘Manage Events’ button. It only shows the create Event button. The result is that you can’t get back to a new drafted event to publish it, after you navigate away or to your list of past events.

    The expected behavior would be to always show the ''Manage Event" button.

  • @Remon-Van-Gijn did you ever figure this out? I ran into it yesterday as well and it’s very confusing. What I found I had to do we go to my dojos page, click on edit dojo, then click on the setting cog on the edit dojo page and select manage events from there. I agree that it should be easier to find the button.

  • @KramKroc , no unfortunately not. We didn’t come I to that situation either anymore as we normally have next events published. The large summer break is the main exception here… The only way to solve it is to temporarily create and publish an event in the further, open & save the link to the draft one, and remove the dummy event quickly…

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi @Remon-Van-Gijn and @KramKroc,

    I’m really sorry for the delay in addressing this, the post slipped beneath our radar.

    I’m working on a fix for this right now as you’re both right, you should be able to get to manage your events for past and draft events. I’ll update again once we have it live.

    Sorry again,

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hey again! This is live now. You can see the Manage Events button whether you have a live upcoming event or not.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • @Daniel-Brierton thanks! I guess the code is in better state anyway without that logic :). Well done.

  • @Daniel-Brierton Nicely done! :D

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