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    Many Dojo’s are currently on a break and getting ready to return back in September.
    Over 8 weeks ‘Back to Dojo’ is highlighting all the tips and resources available to you as a CoderDojo member, so you can be completely ready to start back at your local Dojo!

    Each week we will be sharing content you can use in your Dojo and other resources to save you time and effort running your Dojo so both volunteers and children get the most out of it.
    You will find all the resources linked here as they go live each week! :D

    Week 1:
    This week we will be sharing a selection of beginners content and initial resources you can use when starting back.

    • Ice Breakers are a great way to energise ninjas (especially for evening Dojos) and encourage them to work together before sitting down at a laptop, let us know of other ice breakers you have tried out at your Dojo!

    • Sometimes it can be difficult for ninjas to come up with ideas for projects. Why not try out our Brainstorming worksheet to help ninjas use their coding skills to come up with solutions to problems in their local area and beyond.

    • Scratch is an amazing visual programming language that teaches coding logic and computational thinking while avoiding the issue of syntax errors that can turn a lot of young people off coding. Why not try these Scratch resources for beginners in your Dojo?

    • On the Platform we’ve made it easier for parents and young people to find and book into your Dojo. So make sure you create your #BackToDojo event on the platform or connect your Dojo page if you are already using Eventbrite so parents can book their tickets when they’ve found your Dojo!

    • What are the pros and cons of different languages/ways to start to learn coding? Here Content Lead @Philip-Harney shares 3 great ways to get started, including links to our awesome Scratch, HTML/CSS, Javascript and Python, including the benefits and draw-backs of each.

    As always @Philip-Harney and @Ciara-McHugh would love your feedback so we can keep improving our resources for the CoderDojo Community, so feel free to tag them and tell them how you found the resources above! :D

    Week 2:
    This week we are highlighting how you can organise and plan your first Dojo back, how to created a ticketed event on the CoderDojo Platform, publise it and even check in attendees.

    • See how to create and promote your first Dojo back here! Including content for recruiting mentors and making it easier for parents!

    • Did you know if your Dojo is currently using Eventbrite you can connect it to your Dojo page on the CoderDojo Platform? See benefits and how you can connect your Dojo Page so that more ninjas can find and attend your events here!

    • This time of year, after a short break is a great time to look over what you’ve done and make plans for the year/term ahead. See our tips and insights into planning your Dojo here.

    • To keep ninjas excited about returning to your Dojo why not try out new things at your Dojo? CoderDojo volunteers can get a free digital subscription to Hello World magazine, with tips and projects for tech educators. Dojo Volunteers in the UK can get a free printed subscription! You can also see past issues on their site. The next issue out September 1st! Sign up for yours here!

  • @Nuala-Nic-Éil It was nice if someone has Coderdojo class on Saturdays between 10am and 12pm we could make a video call and show the dojos the ninjas and share ideas between ninjas

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Associação-de-Cidadãos-de-Esposende-Fernando That sounds great, I just want to make sure, is your timezone 10am-12pm UTC?

  • @Nuala-Nic-Éil But now in September we return to class and hope to get two classes

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