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    We are in the process of developing a guide to help support Dojos engage girls through content & events at their Dojo, with the aim of increasing the numbers of girls attending their regular Dojo. The guide will also provide insights from Community members with tried and tested advice on sustaining girls in a Dojo setting.

    We have already created support guides for both parents and girls themselves. This guide already promises to be more robust, with extensive practical advice from Champions and mentors, who utilise a variety of different approaches and content to increasing attendance and sustained engagement among the girls at their Dojo.

    We would love to hear your insights and experiences; particularly in relation to your approach and the resources you found most useful in this regard, to help make this guide as benificial and comprehensive as possible to other Dojos and volunteers.

    Please post below or if you prefer email me, Nuala, directly at

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    We are in the final stages of developing our CoderDojo Girls toolkit.

    We would love you to share your insights and experiences in relation to:

    • female mentors

    • engaging content

    • once off girls events

    • layout/seating that supports girls

    Or any other ways you’ve seen or tried to support and engage girls you feel would be useful to include.
    Please share them here or email ASAP :D

  • We’re hoping to host a wearable dojo for girls between October and December. I’ve been testing FLORA (Adafruit) and NeoPixels. And translating examples from the Adafruit website from English to Dutch. In the second half of September I’ll be making proper cards with which you can make a Christmastree with flashy NeoPixels. As soon as I’ve made these cards (in English and Dutch) I’ll share them globally.
    Pics of the Christmastree test can be found on our Twitter account: @CDkennemerwaard
    I can’t wait to see the toolkit :)

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    Thanks for sharing @Sanneke-van-der-Meer. @Ciara-McHugh who works on creating and collecting community content will be delighted to hear about this!
    alt text
    alt text
    They look great!

  • @Nuala-Nic-Éil
    Please provide access to CoderDojo Girls Guide. Our small coderdojo ‘Dublin3@Oracle’ is 50% girls (including a mentor’s 2 daughters). It is due to restart on 7th September. We have a software bias (mentors are Java programmers).

    Thank you for your time,
    Turloch O’Tierney

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    @Turloch-O-Tierney Hi Turloch, thanks for getting in touch.
    That is great to hear that you have gender parity at your Dojo! What size is your Dojo in terms of numbers of attendees and mentors? :slight_smile:

    Regarding the girls guide, it is currently in the process of being copy edited.
    We are releasing it in the coming weeks (in September) with a webpage where Dojos who sign up to improve the proportion of girls in their Dojo towards gender parity will have the guide [it’s roughly 30 pages] sent out to them for free, and Dojos will be also able to access and download and print the guide or any pages/sections they want to use at their Dojo. :thumbsup_tone3:

    Some of the areas that will be covered in the guide include:

    • Approaches to improve the Dojo environment and layout (Experience based layouts, keeping peers together, mentor approaches),

    • accessing the language and images used to describe your Dojo,

    • content considerations and suggested resources,

    • importance of female mentors and ways yo increase access to role models in your Dojo.

    Here is a sample of the mini-sushi cards that will be included if you are interested in trying them out! It would be great if you could give us any feedback if you try them out at your Dojo :D

  • Mentors:
    2 existing mentors [other mentor brings 2 daughters], 1 additional prospective mentor signed up for Garda vetting - 2 interns interested.

    Typically 6 at any session - [ex Mentor used to bring 4 girls - but girls got older/transport issues, which was a big loss] - room takes 20 people max.
    So far Scratch with a tiny bit of HTML and (javascript with phaser graphics library).

    Sent out a flyer to a local schools parents group - could do with reaching out to local schools. There is a little bit of interaction with schools from other Oracle Corporation supported initiatives (Junior Achievement).


    Every other Thursday (Starting 7th September)
    6.30pm to 8pm East Point Business Park (Fairvire/Clontarf Dublin) Alto Room Block B Oracle
    Turloch O’Tierney on behalf of ‘Dublin 3 @ Oracle’ coderdojo Contact details:

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Turloch-O-Tierney thats great. It would be brilliant if we could get the attendance up closer to the capacity, especially if there are potentially five mentors on board. Given that you have skills in Java it would be great to see this being utilised and benefiting children in the Dublin 3l area. Have you seen our flyers? or other leaflets?
    I also created this blog on how Dojos create ticketed events and publicise them, which might be useful to you.
    I would love to visit your Dojo at some point during the year to see how you are getting on :D

  • @Nuala-Nic-Éil Commited to keep going, if I had extra help - would contact local schools - I am a developer not sales/marketing - the few Ninjas we have go through the normal booking system. 1 ex-mentor had been bringing 4, 13 year old Ninjas girls - which was a third of the class.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Turloch-O-Tierney if you like I can send you out some flyers to use? Feel free to email me the best address to send them to for your Dojo via Even asking the children that come to the Dojo to bring flyers into their school and suggest it to friends or children in their class would help. Another great way of spreading the word is social media or a local paper :)

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