Share you insights for our upcoming CoderDojo Girls Guide

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    We are in the process of developing a guide to help support Dojos engage girls through content & events at their Dojo, with the aim of increasing the numbers of girls attending their regular Dojo. The guide will also provide insights from Community members with tried and tested advice on sustaining girls in a Dojo setting.

    We have already created support guides for both parents and girls themselves. This guide already promises to be more robust, with extensive practical advice from Champions and mentors, who utilise a variety of different approaches and content to increasing attendance and sustained engagement among the girls at their Dojo.

    We would love to hear your insights and experiences; particularly in relation to your approach and the resources you found most useful in this regard, to help make this guide as benificial and comprehensive as possible to other Dojos and volunteers.

    Please post below or if you prefer email me, Nuala, directly at

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