Open Community Call: August 8th @ 6:30pm CET

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    Hi everyone in the community!
    The fourth Open Community Call of 2017, facilitated by the CoderDojo Foundation, will be held on August 8th.
    On this open call we will be focusing on the Community Platform and our recent merger with the Raspberry Pi Foundation. @Guillaume-Feliciano, one of our software engineers will be available on the call to discuss the latest updates to the Platform (Zen), receive feedback from those on the call and open up the floor to particular topics pertaining to the CoderDojo Platform and what it offers. Community members can discuss and ask questions with our Executive Director @Giustina-Mizzoni about the CoderDojo Foundations recent merger. The open call will be facilitated and chaired by the EMEA Community lead @Pete-OShea using

    If you cannot attend the call, you can note any questions or things you would like discussed on this forum post, so we can include it. We will be publishing the call as a video within two weeks of the 8th.

    Here is an outline of what will be demoed and discussed on the call (Time in the outline is Dublin/London time): alt text

    alt text

    To join the community call go to: on August 8th at the specified time
    On a computer, use any browser. Nothing to download.
    On a phone or tablet, launch the app ( and enter meeting code:

    Join as an audio conference:
    Dial a phone number and enter access code, or connect via internet.
    By phone:
    International numbers available here: (
    By computer via internet:
    Join the meeting, click the phone icon and select ‘Call via internet’. A small download might be required.

    Start time:
    5:30pm London/Dublin Time
    6:30pm CET

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    Remember to join, listing in, share insights and ask questions on our Open Community Call on Tuesday August 8th at 6:30pm CET!
    Below @Pete-OShea shares some of the topics we’ll be talking about nest Tuesday! Feel free to make any other suggestions in this thread!

    alt text

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    3 hours until our Community call! Join, listen, ask Q’s & share your insights with other CoderDojo members!
    To join the community call go to: at 6:30PM Central European Time (5:30pm in Ireland/UK).

    On a phone or tablet, launch the app ( and enter meeting code:

  • @Nuala-Nic-Éil As always great ideas

  • Hey there, thanks for setting up these calls. CD-zoetermeer in Netherlands is on holiday so won’t likely be joining but we’re invested nonetheless :)
    -we got a number of parent requests for the zen platform to show reservations made and the status. Now you get a mail but no way to alter the reservation or look back.
    -for champions the navigation to your codo events is a pain. Can we map a menu drop down to the event management? Maybe only when you have one dojo as champ if that simplifies it.
    -the forum login name is case sensitive, yes better protection, but for login name annoying and introducing duplicates.
    -could we perhaps add photos to events, and store these in galleries?

    Features like the copy event are great time spent reductions!

    Lastly, Our dojo is a 100%RPi dojo and we’ve got the gear, but we’re wondering if there will be a discount program at official RPi distributors for coderdojo’s.

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    Hey @Remon-Van-Gijn , we answered some of those questons on the call yesterday, but let me summarize it for everyone :)

    • Yep, it should be taken care of soon enough. We’re aware of the issue for too long and how much it can be blocking. We’re trying to figure what would be a good “extension”/“replacement” for “My Events”.
    • You exactly described why we don’t do it. What about Champions that just created a second dojo and have this menu entry disappear? :p However that’s a good information for us to have that you’d like an easier way to access “Dojo events”. as a dojo admin. Thanks :thumbsup:
    • Yes, Zen’s login is case sensitive. It’s been reported for quite some time and we can probably work around it. Security wise, i’m not too concerned about making email more “discoverable” : they are public “by default” as it’s primarly a communication channel.
    • We could but we didn’t think about this need so far. Personally I think you’d be better of using a third party service for that at the time being (instagram, tumblr…), unless you find a good reason not to (privacy may be a concern, but you should already ask for permission for pictures, or add it to your dojo charter). If you can tell us that there is no other alternative that match your needs and CD values, then sure, we can have a look at it (and hopefully more info regarding what you and others are needing :))

    Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it! :100:

    PS : regarding discounts : not that I know of

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    @Remon-Van-Gijn We brought up your queries on the community call, which you can listen to us discussing them here (I’ve jumped to the point of the call where we talk about your queries in particular, but feel free to listen to the whole call in your own time).

    As @Giustina-Mizzoni mentioned on the call, the Raspberry Pi Foundation works hard to make sure that all of their products are as low-cost as possible for everyone, all of the time. Giving away discounted or free Raspberry Pi computers would mean that they wouldn’t be able to keep working to improve and lower the prices of their Pi’s for others.
    Although the CoderDojo Foundation is very open to support/partnerships with other companies/organisations that wish to purchase Raspberry Pis for distribution to Dojos around the world. :smiley:

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    The recording of the Open Community Call is now LIVE!

    If you missed the call or want to listen over to any points of again, check it out here
    We will also be posting a blog with more detailed minutes, including chat comments and links to websites discussed on the call on our blog so watch out for that!

  • @Nuala-Nic-Éil Tks

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Missed out on our latest Community Call? :thinking: :(
    You can find a summary of the community call, listen to it in full and see all the links shared on the call here! :D :D :D

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