Unity3d license?

  • Hi Coderdojo,

    Unity license - I run a coderdojo “Dublin 3 @ Oracle” - Can we use the Unity free download?
    There is a revenue over $100,000 clause - just double checking they are not going to consider Oracle corporation as the entity with revenue over $100,000.

    We use Oracle room and wifi and have some Oracle laptops assigned to us.

    Unity3d seems like a cool step up for games writers using a ‘serious’ language for configuration (c#). I will need to make sure any lesson plans have an easy start.

    I wrote a post on Unity message board - hope some other coderdojos have got a more official reply.

    Thank you for your time,

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi @Turloch-O-Tierney I just wanted to check if you got any response on this on the Unity message board. I tweeted them about it but still awaiting a reply.
    As long as you are just using that space for the Dojo and Unity is just being used in the Dojo itself and not for anything commercial we feel you are covered. But it would be great to hear if someone from Unity got back to you?

  • Hi Turloch,

    You should be ok, we’ve used Unity at our Dojo and it is hosted by a games company and had no issues. If you’re interested in unity I’d also like to point you in the direction of Unreal Engine too. It can be a little more user friendly for young people :smile:


  • Hi ‘unreal engine’ looks good (hosting company Oracle may prefer showing C++ rather than Microsoft c#), could start with an existing complete ‘hello world’ unreal project and change minor things to start (skins and map) - any recommended lesson plans would be great - I have my 10 year old son to practice on before I use it in the dojo. Unity user got back with ‘IANAL’ but should be OK to use Unity. Regards, Turloch

  • There are some useful video resources here for unreal engine.

    Let me know how it goes!


  • Hi Coderdojo,

    It is total Revenue over 100,000 (not just unity revenue) - They heard our venue/wifi donater Oracle and (initially thought and continue to think) over 100000 rule - so too big a risk for me to teach unity in case it causes problems later.

    Could do c# and get them to do unity eventually as the carrot… will continue doing unity with my 11 year old son 2 'personal license’s.


  • Hi Turloch,

    I have contacted unity directly to find out more. I will revert once I hear back from them.

    In the meantime you can also consider unreal engine as an alternative along side c#.


  • Hi Coderdojo,

    Oracle has assigned (not donated) reasonable speced laptops (4 year old i5 8Gb) (good enough for unity). This may confuse unity3d license more. Definitely do not want Oracle to be contacted with regards to Unity licensing. Dublin3@Oracle is a very small dojo and relies on good will from (invisibility to) Oracle. Will not do Unity in the dojo if there is any doubt.


    Semi detailed notes:

    Supplies a few laptops so people without can be accommodated. The Oracle Corporate Social Responsability line is so local people (Dublin 3 has some poor areas) do not have to bring laptops [ and also the laptops they bring may not be fast/recent enough for Unity ] , It is really just a few people would be ready for Unity - or would at least be encouraged to eventually use Unity.

    As I see it:
    Unity / c# - best/most videos to click along to
    My reading of the license: Educational license - need to be a school university - pretty liberal, However if ‘the thing’ (I fear they will say Oracle) - over 100000 revenue - different rules - under 100000 revenue - pretty liberal (probably a cut in revenue if you ever release). 35/45 per month outside the fairly liberal educational/under 100000 limits (not good for meets/uses twice a month ninja in a dojo session, would be almost worth it for a more intensive Easter / Summer run for/pay for an intensive week of sessions).

    Unreal/C++ - most challenging (C++ memory management for example) (I did C commercially (last century…) C++ would be a good skill for very fast programs (OS/games) but takes time to get right.
    My reading of the license Has EULA 5% on revenue over 3000.

    jmonkey/Java - distant 3rd place (Though I am a java programmer so might be ‘easiest’ for me to follow.)
    License - BSD license (license details got from wikipedia) - do whatever you like (contain prominent copyright notice of where you got it from).

    All have a ‘serious language’ for the game maker and produce good results. I will probably let them click along to a simple example - and let them change a few things (more baddies, different weapons, slightly different art/colour) so the ‘on ramp’ is not too big.

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