CoderDojo Tao Verification

  • Hi guys,

    When listing my dojos, when I click the Tao verification banner [1] : “Please click here to complete all of the recommended practices for”…

    I don’t have any remaining Tao Verification steps to fill in, only the “Save” button [2] , yet my Dojo is sill not verified.

    What do I need to do Tao Verify our Dojo?




  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi - Tao verification is actually under going a review with the intention of being relaunched in the coming weeks as the current system is quite onerous on the champion and its mentors to fill. You can review the current process here: but this entire process will be redesigned and redone and piloted my prospective champions interested in Tao such as yourself. Would be happy to have you pilot it if it interests you.

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