Share your experience on engaging young people with Scratch at CoderDojo

  • Hi,

    I am curious about how the community engages young people at CoderDojo using Scratch as an entry level tool. I wanted to hear any success stories / your thoughts on using Scratch as a tool for engaging young people at your Dojo.

    I’ve personally found it to be a tool not just for beginners but also for those who are very advanced, I’ve seen young people adapt it as a tool for animating 5 minute videos that are on par with those you see on TV, and others using it for pixel are and 8 bit games! I believe it to be a good starter for young people.

    What do you think?



  • hi Peter
    Our first class at CoderDojo Esposende was in Scratch, we can say that all the young people were motivated.
    For first contact is a fantastic tool because it is easy to understand and young people can see the results on time.
    In our first lesson we were 2 hours with Scratch how to teach the axes X Y took only a few minutes, teaching degrees 0/90/180 was easy because they saw the puppet to move on time.
    When programming in Blocks it is easy to understand the logic of the order, to teach for example an SE takes a few minutes to all do it.
    The success was such that we anticipate the lesson we had programmed.

  • Hi,

    I agree, seeing an instant result of adding a block to the script box is their first positive step showing them computational thinking AND maths! I’ve seen so many ninja excel with scratch and then progress into other languages.


  • We as you know we started 1 July 2017 we still have little done but much already planned.
    In the next class we will give you the CoderDojo Ninja card that will surely be another motivation.
    In Portugal there are few CoderDojo and we are the only one that works without a university to support. From what we saw in the first lesson with Scratch is the ideal tool to give at the beginning serves as a motivation for more complicated things.
    Greetings from Esposende

  • Great thanks for sharing! From all the responses I got there is an over all impression that Scratch is easily accessible for getting started and this is a valuable step for young people as you want them to be confident and engaged to continue with a positive learning experience! It also has the ability to indirectly teach logical thinking :)

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