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  • Good Afternoon We have a small number of coding clubs in our libraries in Midlothian. We need more volunteers to keep them going. They currently use Scratch in the coding clubs. I am also responsible for building up adults skills in relation to growth areas of employment and key skills. I hoped to offer either an introduction to coding or scratch and possibly at other levels so young people, adults and families can progress but I haven’t been successful in locating someone who could deliver the courses. We can be flexible about times day, evenings, weekends etc. Our classes normally run for 2 hrs for 6 weeks but again can be flexible.

    Our normal rate of pay is £15.00 per hour but we can build in preparation time, we can also have tutors who are self employed or linked to a company invoice us opposed to being on the payroll.

    I wondered if you knew of anyone even a coding student who might be interested in growing the coding talent in Midlothian.

    Thank you for your support with this.

    Annette Lang
    Education Manager Lifelong Learning and Employability
    Fairfield House
    8 Lothian Road
    EH22 3ZG

    0131 271 3923

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  • Hi Annette,

    In many cases Dojos are set-up and run by volunteers. However, it is great that you have the resources to be able to offer this to a Dojo mentor. There is a chance to approach a corporate organisation in the area about this too, as they might provide volunteers as part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives to help out at the Dojo.

    I would also reach out to local educational institutes, corporates and tech networks to spread the word, and I’m sure you will be able to fill the spot. Have you been in touch with @Craig-Steele or Martin from the CoderDojo Scotland team? They may also be able to help spread the word in the local network.


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