New Robotics controller

  • A friend of mine who’s based in Germany and dabbles a little bit with robotics, alerted me to a new robotics controller that’s looking to launch a larger production run. The product called Hedgehog, has been developed by an Austrian-based independent non-profit organization called, Practical Robotics Institute Austria (PRIA). PRIA was established to promote scientific and technical excellence in schools using robotics, as well conducting research in the fields of robotics, ICT and teaching methods.

    Hedgehog from my research, looks to be an excellent platform for Coder Dojo ninjas. It got a built-in Raspberry Pi and supports both Google Blockly (which is akin to a more open version of MIT’s Scratch) as well as Python 3. As such, it seems to be an ideal next step after MIT Scratch. I’ve three ninjas who’ve been coding in Scratch for the past seven months, so I’ve had my ear to the ground for a while looking for something they might progress on to. Based on what I’ve read to date, I’m strongly considering pledging my support to this venture.

    My ask here is that other forum users (especially any Makers who’ve worked with robotics platforms) review the Hedgehog specs., and please let me know soon, what you think of this product. Hedgehog is being funded on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform and the funding deadline expires this Saturday - sorry, I only heard about it yesterday - hence my urgency.

    The following links provide more information on Hedgehog:

    Thanks in advance for your knowledge and expertise.

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