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  • Are we allowed to have observers come to CoderDojo session to see at all and not actively participate in the Dojo? There is a lot of paperwork involved at the Dojo that I am managing at the moment.

    Any ideas of how to improve the Dojo rules and stuff to make it a bit less complex? Seems like we need to do the following:

    Both CoderDojo Hawthorn champions are involved in onboarding mentors. The following checklist can copied and completed for each mentor being onboarded.
    -champions meet potential mentor in person ahead of attendance
    -determine suitability to join as mentor
    -discuss mentors expectations of volunteering as a mentor and what can likely be expected
    -check working with children check
    -review child protection policy with potential mentor
    -check that potential mentor is happy to complete police check by Hawthorn Community House
    -mentor is added to CoderDojoHawthorn Slack and uploads copy of working with children check to Slack “general” channel
    -mentor is added to mailchimp mentors list
    -email is sent to mentor & Hawthorn Community House so completion of Hawthorn Community House required forms including police check can be organised via a in person visit M-F during office hours

    Thank you.

    Sirani McNeill

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Sirani-McNeill That sounds like a great approach and really interesting to discuss mentors expectations of volunteering as a mentor and what can likely be expected.

    While every Dojo is different, I know in Ireland the recommendation by the Gardaí (Police) in relation to vetting is that there is no requirement to vet by-standing parents, once off speakers, or anyone else who attends a Dojo infrequently.
    Unless the person is in a position where they will be frequently engaging with a child/children at a Dojo & forming some kind of relationship via “relevant work” they do not need to be vetted. “Relavant work” is any work or activity which is carried out by a person, a necessary and regular part of which consists mainly of the person having access to, or contact with children or vulnerable persons.

    To cut down on the management involved, maybe Champions could meet multiple potential volunteers at once ahead of a Dojo session, where expectations are discussed, the child protection policy is reviewed and police check is discussed in a group and then potential volunteers oversee the Dojo without getting involved. Having it in the Dojo space a head of the session, saves on travel and meet up management especially if both of the champions were meeting all individual potential volunteers separately.

    Having a macro/uncanned response of an email to send out if they agree to sign up with all the details repeated, links to slack/mailchimp and documents attached so that it is easy to pass it on might also be useful.

    Also highlighting our E-learning modules; I know some Dojos now use completion of the modules in the volunteers own time as a prerequisite to mentoring at the Dojo.

    It would be interesting to hear how others manage on-boarding of mentors
    What have you found useful? Are there any ways you help make the process less complex?
    @Christian-Vermeulen @Bettina @Karen-Wellington @Manuel-Menezes-de-Sequeira @Bernat-Llopis

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