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  • Hi,
    I am using buttons as badges for the kids. They only cost about 35 cents each and the kids wear them on their name tag lanyards. I had a graphics designer who helped get the designs into the right eps format for the company making the pins, but she’s not available anymore.

    I want a few new badges for Advanced Scratch, Intermediate Python, RaspberryPi with Python, etc. I have two girls who volunteered to do the designs, but neither have photoshop or illustrator. Is their anyone out there who would be willing to help out?

    I will share all our current designs - as soon as I figure out where I can put them to share them. The kata won’t let me upload a .zip or .eps.

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    Hi @Ruth-Willenborg101 that sounds great. I seen the badges you mention in the blog you wrote (well done by the way, I really enjoyed reading how you initially set up the Dojo and to hear from a founding ninja!).
    Regarding the designing, there are alot of free alternatives; in our office I know some people enjoy using Inkscape and GIMP (you can see more free alternatives here).

    You can also use our digital badge designs if you wish. You can find pngs & svgs of these on our style guide, but bear in mind these digital badges, which ninjas can get on their community platform profile page have a set out criteria for ninjas to achieve before being awarded. You can see each badges criteria by clicking on the badge, on the badges page here.

  • Thanks. I know one of my ninjas is using GIMP but she couldn’t figure out how to then convert into the photoshop format required by the badge printers. Anyway, I found one of the Techgirlz mentors with photoshop and she is doing the final formatting for me - so I think we’ll be good for the next printing.

    I used the digital badge designs for my initial buttons - they turned out OK, but they are hard to tell apart from a distance. So, I find designs with just one thing - like a big Scratch cat - better for physical badges.

    I am using your criteria plus some of my own for the requirements. On the intermediate and advanced badges, I like to make sure the kids are being challenged to do more than just follow directions. One activity that is working out even better than I hoped is on the intermediate Scratch badge, in addition to doing the sushi cards, I have them take an existing project of someone elses and make changes to it. Then, they demonstrate their changes and take feedback from the dojo. They have to make at least one additional dojo recommended change.

    This gets all the kids more engaged in the demos. I now have kids yelling out suggestions even when the demo isn’t one for a badge:-) I have a few kids who do private demos for the feedback, but most really like being the center of attention for a few minutes getting feedback suggestions.

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