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  • Hi everyone! Bill here from CoderDojoKC. Do you run a Dojo entirely virtually, i.e. over Skype or Google Hangouts? If you run a physical Dojo, do you incorporate any kind of virtual conferencing for remote ninjas? I’d love to hear about

    • The tool(s) you use
    • Your experiences
    • Your ninjas’ experiences
    • Any challenges your Dojo has faced as a result, and how you’ve overcome them


  • Hi

    I want to start a virtual dojo. Check out eun academy page on fb as some teachers use free easy setup easy on broadband virtual classroom tools. I had a recomendation on one particular but forgot to bookmark it :(
    But they can offer great advice.

    Regards from Wexford

  • Hi Bill,

    Last year, we kicked-off a pilot project between the Dojo in IBM Cork and IBM Ghana (Accra@IBM Ghana Dojo) using remote mentoring. An article detailing our efforts can be found here:

    So far, our pains have been thankfully few – and our gains many 

    Initial challenges:

    1. We had some teething problems due to internet connectivity problems.
    2. Issues with the poor audio and video quality of some of our remote mentoring tools.

    How we resolved these problems:

    1. Switched to Zoom Cloud Meetings for our online audio and video conferencing sessions due to its better quality.
    2. Upgraded our broadband in one of our locations.
    3. Always having at least one very active adult mentor participate in each dojo session in Ghana.


    1. It has been a wonderful experience working with such a great group of dedicated people in both locations.
    2. Thankfully, over 90% of the ninjas in Ghana are still enthusiastic and very committed.


    1. Ninjas who have access to laptops/computers at home tend to learn quicker than those who don’t - which is quite understandable.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Zita-Daniel-Nad How have you been getting on with your virtual Dojo sessions? I know you were asking about linking them to your Dojo profile page. I seen you are using Zoom for your next one on Saturday :D

  • @Nuala-Nic-Éil this is the early days. Tried 2 sessions using free account on Zoom. As I never used Zoom before there were a few glitches…
    So it all started great. I used a scheduled meeting. I sent the link to the event in the newsletter. Once people registered for tickets I emailed them the meeting number. Just before I started I selected the option of repeat meeting. I was hoping this would work and that I could use the same meeting number.
    So I started the video and screen sharing. I used Scratch. Everyone had Scratch offline and the parents had Zoom on the phone. I was not sure they could hear me. I disabled video except for myself. 5 minutes have passed. Still nothing on chat. I see people joining but still no feedback. Untill I turned my sound on… very embarrassing. So we laughed together. Everything went great. The session is a bit short at first as the free one is capped to 40 minutes. But I think it will work great later on as more material is covered.

    The second meeting did not go well. I tried using the scheduled meeting. The option was to create a new one. I could not use the previous meeting number.
    By the time i decided to use personal meeting number I was some 15-20 minutes delayed. I sent a new email with this meeting number but no one joined. I would have lost patience myself. The participants were parents and kids who have never been in a dojo and never learnt any coding.

    I would like to try again. We have lots of people on the mailing list who wish to join but we simply cannot accomodate all. This would be a great opportunity for more people to try coding for free.

    Please do give me advice and feedback. I intend to use a personal meeting number from now on.


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