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  • Hi folks,

    one of our parents was asking about Minecraft: Education Edition and asked if we’d come across it. I think one of our earlier champions in our dojo had looked at it but concluded we wouldn’t be eligible. I looked again at the European eligibility and I assume we’d fall under the charitable organisation criteria so wondered if dojos use it already or how it could work for us? https://education.minecraft.net/get-started/eligibility/


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    Heya @KramKroc thanks for getting in touch to ask. One of our community leads @Pete-O-Shea was chatting to those involved in the Education edition of Minecraft in order to be able to get it for Dojos. He’s is out of office as he got married at the weekend :bride_with_veil_tone2: :wedding: :man_in_tuxedo_tone3: (whoop!) , but once he is back I’ll get him to fill you in on any details :slight_smile:

  • @Nuala-Nic-Éil many congrats to @Pete-O-Shea

  • Doh! Can you believe I actually got chatting to @Pete-O-Shea at the #coolestprojects on Saturday, but completely forgot to ask him about this, which is incredible as I’d sat through the awesome presentation that was given in the Minecraft hall earlier in the day. So, I know you are all probably still recovering from the day, but is there any option for dojos to make use of this?


  • @KramKroc

    Apologies for the delay and thanks for the congrats :D I am currently having this conversation with the minecraft Edu team to try and figure out how we can work together and this may be one of the ways. I believe this will take some time as the conversation is only starting on this. In the meantime I would go ahead and fill out their eligibility form here. and submit it to them. If you get a response before I have a new update please feel free to post here and let me know.

    For others reading this please keep an eye on the CoderDojo Blog / official newsletter for updates on this if it is not posted below, alternatively you can contact info@coderdojo.org



  • Any luck on this?

  • Hi Anders and Mark,

    Update: Unfortunately we do not currently have a partnership with the minecraft EDU team regarding this. I would go ahead and fill out their eligibility form here and see if they accept your application.

    Please feel free to let me know how you get on.

    Kind Regards,


  • Hi @Pete-OShea you mentioned that eligibility form before so I’ve clicked the link and read the wall of text before filling in http://www.office.com/teachers and using the banbridge@coderdojo.com e-mail address to see what happens.

  • @KramKroc any news re minecraft edu?

  • @Zita-Daniel-Nad It was really @Pete-OShea who is chasing this up for us :D

  • BTW I meant to say that the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft (not the java version unfortunately) now supports the MakeCode/Code Connection software in the same way that Minecraft Education does. Tried this with my own kids and they love it. Unfortunately I only have a macbook from work as my only laptop so I haven’t been able to demo it to our dojo yet.

  • Any update on getting Minecraft Education Edition for Dojos?

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