Coding Logic Without Blocks

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    @Warren-Gill who mentors at Quarryvale designed a way of explaining code to the kids by using English, within normal code syntax.
    By creating a game using something they do everyday, like eating cereal; the idea was to get them used to thinking about gathering all things needed for a project first and to a little bit of pseudo code, thinking like a coder and finally they’d be reminded of it every time they ate cereal. Then as a final exercise, quickly make the game in scratch.

    >>Check it out here!<<

  • Hey Nuala thanks for posting such a comprehensive and well laid post. We have a lot of new kids so I decided to do this the other night and they all loved it. A lot added extra GameObjects like, Tables and Jam among others and they created other variables and redid the win conditions. So it proves to be a good exercise even for the kids used to scratch because you can explain what functions correspond with the blocks in scratch, for instance The update function is the forever block or Awake is the Green Flag etc.

    But the whole point of it is to let the kids change the code and try recreate a quick little game of their own in scratch. It works, most of the time. Cheers

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