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  • Hi folks,

    just sold out our first event that we’ve set up using zen. Previously we used eventbrite and it had a waitlist option for parent who missed out on a place. Is there a similar thing in zen?


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    @KramKroc Firstly, Congratulations on selling out your First Dojo event on the Platform!, and also thanks for getting in touch! :slight_smile:
    There is an issue with creating a waitlist that our dev team are aware of and are hoping to rectify in the future. Right now there are two things you can do:

    • You can create a “waiting list” ticket on the event. You will then have their details and be able to contact them should the tickets become available. Here is a screen recording of how you can do this.
    • As an alternative work around @Philip-Hennessy enables ‘Turn on Ticket Approval’ at the bottom of the edit/create event which puts automatically puts tickets to the waiting list until an admin approves their ticket. This is working out for their Dojo as tickets can then be individually approved within the manage ticket event if spaces open up.

  • Thanks @Nuala-Nic-Éil is there any indication with either approach of who booked their ticket in sequence? Obviously we’d want to pop off the folks who joined the list first.


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    @KramKroc No worries Mark. So either way works in terms of time sequence of ordering:

    • For the ‘waiting list’ ticket: the time order of tickets booked is saved, so that the most recent tickets booked are displayed at the top (so while the date is displayed on the manage section, the time of the booking is saved for each ticket in the backend). If you want to sort to see who booked first you can click the arrow beside “Application Date” and the oldest booking will be at the top.

    • For “Turn on Ticket Approval”: The ordering on the platform works the same as above if you turn on ticket approval. You will additionally have an email sent to your Dojo email every time someone goes to book a ticket.

    Really it just depends, if you prefer managing everything from within the platform in one go I would use the first option, and if you prefer seeing emails as individuals book in and managing it that way go for the second option.

    We also now have a new mail your Dojo members feature which makes updating different members of your Dojo about important Dojo updates/events very easy. You can read more about it here.

  • Hi @Nuala-Nic-Éil I was just checking to see if there was ever anything done about this? I’ve tried the waiting list ticket approach but found it lacking, so if there’s no update I’ll try the ticket approval approach for next month. Appreciate the work as always.


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