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  • I am organizing our first local dojo and trying to determine if this first time could be done in a half day vs. a full day. Is there any lesson plans that can be taught to completion in half a day for beginners / young visual language?

  • Hi,

    Sharing few things out of my personal experience. In the beginning, the excitement and curiosity will be higher than interest in both mentors as well as Ninjas. Their expectation would be to learn more about what and why were are up to as a CoderDojo. Running a super quick introduction and giving an idea of what to expect from the Dojo would be very benefical for long time.

    At our first Dojo, we asked learners to explain “Computer”, “Technology” and “Web” from their view/knowledge. We heard some creative answers too. It also helped us to understand area of interest of every learner that we comes handy when picking up examples during teaching process. Also, close the day with some action items for everyone.

    I hope this helps. Good luck with your first Dojo :)

  • We released our new “Sushi” cards over the summer. They are suitable for beginners. You can read more about it in the news section:

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