We are Joining Forces with Raspberry Pi Foundation

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    I wanted to let you all know about our plans to join forces with the Raspberry Pi Foundation! This exciting merger will see the CoderDojo Foundation continue to operate as an independent charity based in Ireland. In future we will work alongside and with the support of the Raspberry Pi Foundation to achieve our shared goals of creating opportunities for young people all around the world. Over the past four years I’ve been privileged to watch the CoderDojo movement grow from just over 80 Dojos to more than 1,250 thanks to the thousands of volunteers globally and organisations large and small that support the movement and the Foundation.

    This merger will turn the CoderDojo Foundation into a stronger, more resilient organisation that can continue to deliver value to the CoderDojo community. Philip Colligan (CEO Raspberry Pi Foundation) and I will both be at the Coolest Projects on June 17th holding a Q&A. If you aren’t able to make it we’ll be live streaming it for people to get involved as well.

    I hope you’ll join us in celebrating this exciting next phase as CoderDojo and the Raspberry Pi Foundation become the largest global effort creating opportunities for young people to code and create. You can read the full blog post here ---->

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