What are dojos using for attendance tracking?

  • I’ve been involved in a CoderDojo group since Jan of 2016 and quickly became a lead mentor. When we joined, students signed in on a piece of paper that was later manually entered into a spreadsheet. I put together a quick attendance tracking application so students could at least sign in using a web browser when entering the classroom, but the code requires some rework and we’d like to add more functionality into it like tracking our belt requirements, etc…

    I’m curious what other dojos use for tracking attendance and achievement requirements. (you can see our belts/requirements at http://www.coderdojodenver.com/kids/


  • Greeting @Ian-Douglas,
    We at CoderDojo Nafpaktos are using the CoderDojo official ticketing system and it’s working really well. Have you tried to create an event through the panel? It’s easy.

  • Hi Ian,

    You can award badges, track attendance, manage your Dojo events and more using the official CoderDojo community platform, Zen. Some more info below:

    Feature Tutorials
    Recent improvements

    I’d be happy to have a call with with you to discuss all the details next week, just email me on:



  • Docklands Dojo

    Hi @Ian-Douglas,

    If you encourage the members of your Dojo to create accounts on the community platform then you will be able to use CoderDojo’s booking system that @Iraklis-Markelis mentioned. This is what we use for the Docklands Dojo as well.

    You can create an event for each Dojo session, and mentors, parents and youths can easily book tickets to attend by logging onto the system. Then as people arrive at the Dojo you can sign them in by using the check in functionality on the event.

    Regarding tracking achievement you get this as an added bonus when you use the system, with digital badges!

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi @Ian-Douglas, yes as the others have noted you can use the CoderDojo Community platform to create and manage ticketed Dojo events, check in attendees, and award them digital badges :)
    Here is a tutorial video explaining how you can use the platform to create & manage events, here is one showing you how to check in attendees, and you can see how to award badges here.

    We are always looking for feedback and ways to improve the platform, as well as those with a knowledge of NodeJS to contribute on github.

  • Thanks everyone, I wasn’t aware that CoderDojo already had something like this in place. I’ll take a look through it and see if we can get everyone registered on that platform.

    We’re currently using EventBrite to have parents register, as this also gives us a means to send out important notices like canceling a class due to weather or closure of the university who graciously gives us space for the dojo. Does the platform allow for something like this as well? Does anyone know if we can import prior data for things like previous attendance, towards the new attendance badges?


  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Ian-Douglas I’m delighted you asked the community platform does have the feature to contact members of your Dojo, and filter groups within the platform… so you can email mentors about resources/content, or parents about resceduling a Dojo event!

    Giustina, Executive Director of the CoderDojo Foundation loves using it for her Dojo. Check out her experience of using it and a handy how to video here. :thumbsup_tone2:

    You can also invite members to join your Dojo on the platform once you have their email (which you would have with eventbriet).

    For awarding attendence badges, this automatically happens once ninjas are checked in, but if ninjas have attended numerous Dojos before you started using our check in feature, you can award them to them manually as well once they join your Dojo on the platform :)

  • Excellent, I’m very excited to get into the platform more. Thanks @Nuala-Nic-Éil for information about mailing parents vs mentors, etc., that’s extremely helpful!

    Any chance the platform has an API that we could hook into programmatically for data import like prior attendance?

    Also, since I can’t get into the system yet (I’m waiting for our dojo organizer to add me as a mentor/champion), is there a way to track multiple steps towards a badge/achievement?

    For example, when a student attends 5 times, we give them their “white belt”, which is a USB wristband. To get their yellow belt, they must first get their white belt, invite a friend, know the names of a few other students, and extend one of the basic programs like the beginner’s html course. Since these would be something like a checkbox list, is that something we can do with badges? If not, I can adapt our current attendance tracker to track these, but then would like to have a way to programmatically award the badge on their Zen profile here as we present their belt in front of the class. The “badge criteria” that @Pete-O-Shea shared with the “improvements” link looks like it’s just a static list of “these are the things you need” but maybe not a checklist for mentors to tick off which parts the student has done? Sometimes it takes our students several weeks to meet all of the criteria, so we’d need some way of tracking progress.

    If that’s not currently part of the platform, does anyone know whether something like this is on the roadmap for implementation? Is this something that I could assist with building myself? (I’ve been a web developer for over two decades now, versed in several programming languages)

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Ian-Douglas When awarding a badge, the criteria shows up on the right and there is a text box for you to input how they’ve met the criteria, such as links to their project if it’s online, or write a note about the project work they’ve done :)

    We talk about it on the bottom half of this blog if you want to read up on it a bit more. :slight_smile:

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Also yes @Ian-Douglas, with regards to contributing to the platform! @Guillaume-Feliciano and @Daniel-Brierton our two software devs who work on the platform (also referred to as Zen) would be delighted to hear that you’d like to help! Here is more info about the platform on github, and feel free to ask any questions about set up etc. :)

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