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    Hi everyone,

    We are currently building a feature which will allow you to release tickets for an event at a specific date and time so you can easily line up the events you publish so they are only bookable a time you choose. (e.g. after the most recent session).

    We need some feedback on what the best way this could work and answering these questions would be helpful;

    1. Do you currently use a ticketing system where you release tickets, if so how does this operate?/Would you use this feature on Zen if released?
    2. Would you prefer to set a time/date for all tickets in your event to be released at the same time or to set a time/date for tickets in each specific session (e.g. where session are Scratch, HTML/CSS, Hardware or similar) to be released?

    Looking forward to hearing your feedback :)

  • Hey Rosa,

    Looking at the dojo’s I’ve run, this would be a great addition to zen! We tend to prepare everything first and then communicatie a set date and time when tickets go live. This way everybody can prepare and be ready to register (much like for Adelle tickets :-p ).

    From the regional perspective in The Netherlands, I think this is can be a key feature to be able migrate the last dojo’s from Eventbrite to Zen!

    Finally, on a per session basis is not necessarily a must in my opinion, but if there is time to spare it could nice extra :).

    Keep on rocking! 🤘

  • Hello Rosa,

    1. definitely yes
    2. one release date for event is enough for us

    all the best

  • Our dojo has parents who are not tech-savvy or just don’t show up, only 10% of ninjas are signed up to the website, so we don’t use the ticketing system. Additionally, the local culture is ‘I’ll show up and I’ll be let in’ so we couldn’t really force people to sign in.

    So for our dojo, we won’t be using this feature.

  • We apply quite a strict schedule in our ticketing system. We use EventBrite to handle the ticketing, where we give access codes to the kids who were present in the previous session and those who were on the waiting list for the previous session. These links with access codes are distributed through some MailChimp lists that I keep up to date for each session. You can see the timeline below. It probably looks a bit complex, but it seems to work well and it’s the only way I’ve found to properly deal with the high demand we are dealing with (we tend to have a waiting list of half our capacity, which is only counting kids who were actively added to the list that month…)

    1. T = we hold a session. A couple of hours after the session, all kids present will receive a mail from MailChimp with an access code for the next session and a reminder that they have a guaranteed place for a week.
    2. T + 1 week = MailChimp sends the scheduled mails with access codes to the kids who were on the waiting list for the previous session and the kids who were present two sessions ago, but didn’t register for the previous session.
    3. T + 2 weeks = EventBrite has been configured to make the tickets go public at this point. Generally, we don’t have any free spaces left at this time, but we encourage parents to add their kids to the waiting list to get an invitation to register a week after the next session. Those most avid on finding a spot tend to effortlessly register the following session.

    As you can probably imagine, this requires a decent amount of work from my side. But in the past two years I haven’t really had any complaints about this system, even though I specifically asked about it in a feedback survey. People tend to feel it is an honest system that gives them a sufficient amount of time to register. So for me that’s worth it.

    I haven’t looked into Zen yet, even though I’ve been wanting to do that in the past…

  • To second @Christian-Vermeulen : this would be a great addition. This saves double work and allows to plan ahead for both us and our ninja’s.
    I think only a date of the event, and a date for ticket release would be the most important. Session-specific stuff (like subject, start- and end time, capacity, and-so-on) will in our case not be known until a few weeks before the event starts.

    It would also help a lot if this event list was publicly available through an .ics or rss feed, so people can actually sync this with their personal tools. This also saves us a lot of communication stuff every dojo.

    Thanks for your efforts!

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