Updated Dojo Details - showing old and new

  • Hi folks,

    I just updated the dojo details for Banbridge as we are changing location. All looks good, but in the “My Dojos” Page, it shows the new address with the old address appended, e.g.

    Banbridge Enterprise Centre Scarva Road Industrial Estate Scarva Road Banbridge BT32 3QD, Community Room, Tesco Extra, Bridgewater BT32 4LF, United Kingdom

    and it should just be:

    Banbridge Enterprise Centre, Scarva Road Industrial Estate, Scarva Road, Banbridge BT32 3QD, United Kingdom

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @KramKroc Hi there, thank you for letting us know. I will get the dev team to have a look at it in the morning and let you know what can be done. There might be a bug causing the old address to remain there on your ‘My Dojos’ page, this is the first instance I have heard of this happening, so we will have to investigate further! :mag:

    The main thing to note is that on your public Dojo profile that the location and point in the map is correct and is updated, so that all those who want to go to the Dojo will go to the correct place :)

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    The “extra” (Community Room, Tesco Extra, Bridgewater BT32 4LF) that you see is the complement added by Google when we try to geolocate your address.
    @Rosa-Langhammer Should we not display it to avoid confusion between “typed” location and geolocated location?

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Yes let’s not display extras in the address and obviously keep correct map co-ordinates. ;)

    Thanks for the report @KramKroc :)

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