Deadline Extended: Encourage Girls in your Dojo to participate!

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    We’ve extended the deadline of the Coolest Projects Showcase!
    What we would really love is more girls to register their projects and participate on the day.
    Often those who haven’t already registered feel like their project ‘isn’t good enough’ to enter, they might be shy about talking about their project to judges or not know what to expect from the event itself.

    So what can you do?

    Encourage girls at your Dojo to enter. The most effective way to do this is chatting to them directly, as opposed to talking to the group. Ask them about their project and highlight how showcasing it is a great opportunity for them to show others what they can do.

    In terms of alleviating the reluctance many ninjas may feel about presenting, highlight that the judges are volunteers just like you, who will talk to them the same as you do in a Dojo. A lot of Dojos already encourage presenting at the end of their sessions. You can also let ninjas practice in a less intimidating way ahead of the event by getting them to go around and ask to each other one or two questions about their projects.

    You can also help girls be more confident about the event by showing them videos from the event, so they know what to expect or hear what ninjas who have been at Coolest Projects have to say about it, such as Katie or Ciara.

    Older girls in particular have a lower participation rate, supporting these ninjas by having a laptop set up for you to go through registration with them at your Dojo can be really benificial.
    You can also highlight older girls who have been successful at the showcase in the past, such as then 16 year old, Orla Docherty who was awarded top prize in the mobile category for her iPhone app Key Tracker, which uses Bluetooth to find people’s keys.

    alt text

    Here are some of the stats we had ahead of the deadline, we would love to improve on these and support more girls to participate :slight_smile:

    alt text

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    Help them register their Projects here.

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