Suggest Agenda Items for the Open Community Call on the 23rd of May

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    Hi everyone in the community!
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    This is the agenda for the third Open Community Call of 2017, facilitated by the CoderDojo Foundation. On this open call we will be focusing on Content and Digital Badges. Philip, our content lead, will be available on the call to receive feedback and open up the floor to particular topics pertaining to CoderDojo content and resources. The open call will be facilitated and chaired by the Community leads Ross & Pete using If you cannot attend the call, you can highlight anything you would like discussed on forums and we will be publishing the call as a video within two weeks of the 23rd.

    Feel free to post here with community suggested topics and we will add them to the agenda.

    Attendees: Everyone is welcome!

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  • Do you guys have a newsletter to which I could subscribe? Since I’m not checking the CoderDojo news on a regular basis, I missed the previous Community Call in March :( I saw the recording but it would be great to have a weekly newsletter from CoderDojo in order not to miss events. Thanks a lot and see you on 23rd! ;)

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi Pavlo. How are you? Yes we do my friend. You can sign up for it here CoderDojo Newsletter

    It’s usually sent once a month I believe but there are updates here also on Forums. You can get daily and weekly digests on CoderDojo Forums if you go to settings and opt in so you get pinged about everything, also an RSS feed on each topic also if you use RSS and…yes there is an “and”…you can also get realtime updates on CoderDojo Global Slack which is here CoderDojo Global Slack

    Hope you are keeping well! :blush:

  • Hi @Ross-O-Neill!

    Awesome, thanks! Now I definitely won’t miss the future events ;)

    Last Sunday we had our regional Coolest Projects Belgium and it was really cool! :) I’m also working on the Sushi cards about “Project-Based Learning” for our local CoderDojo in Waterloo. They will include the belt system, programming tools for different paths and list of tutorials for each tool.

    Project-Based Learning 1 - Belt System
    Project-Based Learning 2 - Paths Overview
    Project-Based Learning 3 - Game Development Tools
    Project-Based Learning 4 - Web Development Tools

    It’s still in progress but I hope to finish it by June-July.

    See you soon!

  • In regards to digital badges, is there a way can select multiple people for the same badge instead of one by one? and is there a cheat sheet/poster we can download to pin up in our dojo?

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Pavlo Hey Pavlo! You can see how to set up an email digest so you get an email with all the newest forum posts and responses listed out either daily, weekly or monthly here. :D Following our CoderDojo Facebook page can also be really useful for a lot of people who use it regularly.

    @Nichole-Jasper Hey Nichole, regarding cheat sheet/poster what had you in mind? Like a poster highlighting the different types of badges? Criteria for badges? and how to award them? Or had you something else in mind? :slight_smile:

  • @Nuala-Nic-Éil I think criteria for the badges so the children can see what they need to do and champions/mentors can have a quick reference. I think giving them clear goals to aim for might help with guiding their choices of what to try and accomplish, especially for newbies or those who have completed a project and lack focus (where to next)

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Nichole-Jasper Hi Nichole, that is an awesome idea, thank you for your feedback :clap_tone2: We currently don’t have posters of badges with the criteria, but I really think this would be a valuable asset for Dojos and ninjas in terms of knowing what the badges stand for and to help them aim for the next one and learn new skills.
    I am working on designing the poster and the layout at the minute. So it will likely be an A4 page for each language (3 badges usually), with the criteria of each below…something like this rough draft below…
    alt text
    I’ll let you know when i have them finalised & created. Is there any languages in particular your Dojo (or other community members) would be interested in seeing first and I can aim to complete those first :)

  • It would be great of the event management can be optimized for mobile usage, especially the attendance checkbox.
    Getting to the manage events page itself is also hard on mobile.

    Thanks for the great work.

    +1 also on the better management of badges. We need to be able to assign these in bulk and not one by one. Attendance badges need to be auto rewarded don’t you think? You have the data,

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Remon-Van-Gijn Hi Remon, thanks for the feedback.
    Optimising the events management and check in for mobile is something that is in the pipeline for the platform. Given that we have only two full-time software engineers working on the platform it does mean this might take some time, as other features and areas of the platform are prioritised according to community need. However, you giving that feedback highlights the community demand for it, so thank you!

    Automatically awarding attendance badges being to youths you are checked in to a Dojo event on the platform is something that already happens! :D If you have checked in youths at your Dojo event and they have not been awarded their attendance badges do let us know and our developers will look into it.

    We provide the option for people to award attendance badges manually so that Ninjas can get their attendance badges even if a Dojo is using no ticketing system or alternative one at the moment.

    Lastly, you’re very welcome! :D

  • @Nuala-Nic-Éil
    That looks awesome Nuala!! we are currently looking at scratch at out dojo, with some looking at html :) thank you!

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Pretty excited about the open community call tomorrow! Looking forward to hearing about your thoughts and experiences :slight_smile:

    Remember to listen in, and share your insights or ask questions just go to: at 7pm AWST, which is 12 noon in Dublin/London.

    On a computer, use any browser. Nothing to download.
    On a phone or tablet, launch the app and enter meeting code: 446-664-888
    alt text

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Nichole-Jasper Hi Nichole, here is the link to the badge criteria posters for both Scratch badges and HTML/CSS :D let us know how you get on with them! :slight_smile:

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Thanks to everyone who joined us on the Community Call! It was awesome to hear from so many community members and see so many people on the call. :D :D :D
    The Foundation team members on the call @Ross-O-Neill @Pete-O-Shea @Philip-Harney @Ciara-McHugh @Guillaume-Feliciano @Giustina-Mizzoni and myself were delighted to have you all there, and as noted on the call, we’re here to support you, so feel free to ask questions or give feedback below so that our next call (in late July/early August) can be even better!

    We will be releasing minutes & the video of the call within the next two weeks but there were some links highlighted in the chat that the community might like to have ahead of the minute release:

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