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  • Hi everyone,

    We are a new dojo in a low socio-economic area. We have the prospect for funding and are looking for a laptop that can manage our coding needs at a low expense. Something easy to store and durable that is good for all ages. Any suggestions? How have you gone about it? We are asking for byod, however many of our families simply don’t have the means.

  • We were thinking of going with a Leader computer/tablet… they seem quite durable and have a good price point. Does anyone have any issue with these? Or could you recommend something better?

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    So far my pick of choice when it comes to durable laptops has been the Lenovo Thinkpad. As much as possible avoid the “large consumer” network of laptop distribution and go for the professional based laptops, like the Thinkpads, or some Dells.

  • Hi there,
    Have you thought of, you can get recomissioned laptops for 1/3rd of the retail price.

  • Thanks for the advice everyone :) We will have a look.

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