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  • I had two girls working on the Beginner JavaScript Sushi cards Sunday. Both got stuck on different cards with “Submit” buttons that didn’t do anything. The problems were really hard to debug - none of us know how to debug JavaScript so we were going back through the cards and the code trying to spot the problems. In both cases, the problem was actually code that they were supposed to type but didn’t, as opposed to any problems with what was typed.

    What I think would have helped shorten the debug cycle was if I’d had access to files with the completed code corresponding to each sushi card. Then I could have just done a direct comparison. Is it possible to add this to the website?

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    @Ruth-Willenborg101 Yea JavaScript can be a real pain that way what with being so difficult to spot problems in code, not only for children!
    @Philip-Harney our content lead should be able to let you know whether it is possible to have the completed code from each card in the JavaScript series located with them on the resources site. Thanks for letting us know Ruth. It really is useful hearing the experiences of community members using the Sushi Cards :D

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    @Nuala-Nic-Éil @Ruth-Willenborg101 Hi Ruth, thanks for the feedback! I’m afraid a completed version is not actually something I have. I can try to put it together when I have some time. However, I will be producing an update to the JavaScript Sushi Cards in the near future, though, so I’ll make sure that’s part of what’s produced.

  • @Philip-Harney
    I went through the cards today so I was able to find the problem for my ninja who was stuck with broken code. I kept the files at each step and will get them for you - except I still can’t get card 6 to work. Once I figure that out, I’ll send you the files in case others need them.

    A couple other things:

    1. I couldn’t get the linter to work. Not sure what its supposed to do. If someone can help explain that - makes for an awkward start to the cards.
    2. card 5 says to add id=“title” but then does id=“name”

  • @Ruth-Willenborg101 I have card 6 working now. (It was actually working all along, I just missed I needed to click the text). One of my girls showed me (and completed all the cards successfully too). I’ll get you the files.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Philip-Harney I kept copies of my files as I completed each card. I don’t have permission to upload them. I can email them to you (what address?) if you want to put them somewhere in case anyone else wants them before your update is ready.

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    Sure, thanks! Send them along to and I’ll stick them on the Kata page for you!

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