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  • Has anyone down any work with App dev . I mentioned it to a couple of ninjas and know they want to dev an app for our dojo . What I need is some free software hopefully web-based .


  • We did a bit with Appinventor2 (by MIT). It’s free and web based, Android only. Some good support materials, and Ninjas can produce their first app {text to speech} within 30 mins and export a .APK file to share with friends

  • Thank you Mark.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Phonegap is another tool that I’ve heard other Dojos using -

    The kids in our Dojo are obsessed with the idea of building their own apps but we haven’t done it just yet!

  • Tramore Dojo

    We’ve used appinventer2, but had to create some student gmail accounts so kids under 13 can use it. If there’s another way around that, I’d love to know.

  • @Julian-Milligan We’re using AppInventor in CoderDojo Castleknock too. It is pretty easy to setup, and we ask ninjas to ask their parents gmail accounts during classes. They also have a lot of tutorials you can use for the class. Best thing about it is that ninjas can instantly package their project to .apk and be downloaded in their android phones to show to their friends.

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