Can we have a new badge type or two?

  • Hi - we are running three newcourses at the moment at our Dojo -

    Soldering for beginners
    Introduction to Java
    Introduction to Arduino

    Could we have some badges setup that we could aware please?


    John Middleton

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @John-Middleton Hi John, Thanks for getting in touch. That is very exciting! The events look awesome with the images! Very jealous I am not a 7-17 year old in Douglas right now!
    What kind of content are you using for the sessions?
    It would be great to get any content you have made up on our resources site so more Dojos can use them :)

    @Pete-O-Shea helps manage our digital badges. So he’ll be able to give you an update on that side of things

  • The resources for the soldering and the Arduino courses are open source already

    soldering -
    Arduino -

    The Java course we will be designing ourselves and I’ll see if we can open source it when its ready

    @Pete-O-Shea - would be great to have badges for the first two courses and also the schedule Java course

  • Hi John,

    To provide the facility of awarding badges we were using BadgeKit created by Mozilla Foundation. In late 2016, this platform stopped supporting the login service. As a result we have to migrate to another platform. We are currently in the migration process of the badging system to another platform. While this is occurring, we are unable to create new badges.

    Due to limited resources and the need to ensure we migrate to a long-lasting platform, this is expected to take 2/3 months from now. In the meantime if you want to send on an image for the badge and the criteria needed to earn it. These will be designed and uploaded as soon as migration is complete.

    Please note: that the current list of badges here are still awardable for your Dojo and the badges earned by your Dojo will not be deleted with this migration.

    If you have any questions on this you can contact me directly on:



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