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  • Hi folks,

    being a bit of a numbskull here, but just confirming that ninja’s register their projects on:!/register

    Parents/mentors instead register for tickets here:

    Just the confusion arose from two points:

    1. When registering, it asks for your role and shows ninja u/13, ninja, mentor, and parent. Perhaps the last two should be removed here
    2. I tried to register my own account due to the options of mentor and parent above but couldn’t register myself as I had already used my own mail address for my son. For younger kids should there be some form of registering via parents account?

    Also, are mentors allowed in for the final awards ceremony?


  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @KramKroc Hi Mark, sorry for the delay getting back to you. Yes you are totally correct; ninjas register their projects via the link you noted above, and parents, mentors and children who are attending but not entering a project can get their tickets via the link you have mentioned above.
    Last year I know it was just the children who were present for the awards ceremony, with volunteers supervising and the ceremony being screened live to parents and attendees in the next room. I will check what the plan is regarding mentors attending the ceremony and let you know tomorrow 😊

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @KramKroc regarding your question with mentors and parents being on the register form, this is because a lot of parents and mentors register projects on behalf of either their children or youths from their Dojo. For U13 I believe we ask for contact details of parents/guardians to be included when an U13 registers. And both adults and youths are sent the same email with details on the event.

    Just to clarify parents/mentors can register projects on behalf of youths but need to book their own attendance ticket via the link you noted.

    I hope that I clarified what you were asking about, but let me know if there is any other questions you have. 😊

  • @Nuala-Nic-Éil It totally clarifies it but it could be clearer on the registration page (but I guess with over 600 attendees last year, it’s just me that found it confusing :D)


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