What's included in the "Free Access to IBM Bluemix cloud platform for Dojos"?

  • Hi,

    I’m working on a session for ninjas not specifically about Bluemix but about Cloud software development in general.
    I believe it would be a great incentive for the ninjas to participate if they could have the possibility to keep their work running on a Bluemix free account after the trial period.

    So, before I propose this to our Dojo Champion I would like to know exactly what is included in this Dojo sponsored benefit and what it needed to subscribe to it. Is the presence of the "IBMer"s strictly necessary? What will be its role specifically?

    I’ve already filled in the form but no one has yet contacted me.

    If anyone already used this, I’m also interested in knowing about what was your experience with it like.
    There’s extensive info, converage and exposure for IBM in CoderDojo sites and pages:

    What about the benefit for the ninjas, is there any of your ninjas currently benefiting from it?


    .Paulo LC
    Mentor on CoderDojoLX (Portugal)

  • Hi Paulo,

    I have responded via direct mail.

    If you are reading this post FYI: I was in touch with the IBM contact that managed this previously, and they are currently no longer working with IBM and the codes we had for this offer are no longer are valid. To follow up on this I’m in the middle of conversations with the folks over at IBM to see if we can restart this opportunity. There is not an ETA on this. If there is an update I will be sure notify the community via the CoderDojo Blog. I have since removed that page to avoid confusion in the future. If you have any queries RE this please feel free to contact me directly on:




  • This post is deleted!

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