Future Proof Your Community with CoderDojo WA!

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    CoderDojo WA want to “Future Proof Your Community” by sharing their methodologies for catalysing the growth of 100+ CoderDojo coding clubs throughout Western Australia.

    The event is being held tomorrow, Thursday 20th for anyone interested, there are some spots still available: https://futureproofyourcommunity.eventbrite.com.au

    Topics covered in this session:

    1. How the world has changed and what skills are needed today?
    2. Social Learning Theory; what is it and why is it relevant to your community?
    3. Social Capital, why relationships are important and how to support their growth?
    4. What is Community Development and how does it relate to 21st century skill development?
    5. How you can use Asset Based Community Development to support sustainable learning activities in a community?
    6. Why is it important to support resilience in a community and how do you do it?
    7. The challenges of replicating social and community initiatives.
    8. What is “System Knitting” and how is it done?
    9. What mindset is required for this kind of work?
    10. What kind of organisational support is required for this kind of work?

    Can’t make it tomorrow? Karen & Rebecca will also run the session on July 13th, and October 5th

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