Remove a youth from my profile

  • Hi,
    boith my wife and I have registered on the side independently and we both added our Son to our respective profiles.
    Now I would like to remove him from my profile, but can’t seem to find that option.

    Also, is there any option to ‘merge’ two accounts? Or have the option to add a youth for an event from either parent account?

    Thanks in advance,

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi Peter thank you for getting in touch :) it’s great to hear that you are both on the platform.
    I can get our dev team to remove him from your profile but if you both wanted to be able to book a ticket for your son from either account then it might be best not to remove him from yours. Regarding merging the accounts, I am not sure if we have this feature available, but either @Guillaume-Feliciano or @Daniel-Brierton will be able to let you know.
    If you could let us know exactly what you are looking for functionality wise they would be able to let you know what the best options are for you with regards to either keeping your sons account on both, or removing him from one of your accounts.

  • Hi Nuala,

    thanks very much for the quick response. I guess what would be a handy feature, is some sort of family account. This could have a single logon, but would contain both parents as well as one or more kids.
    So in essence, being able to add anothe radult to the current accounts would do the trick.

    If you could remove my son from my account, that would be helpful. I think leaving him there will just add to confusion, as there will be two kids with the same name (only different nicks) in the same dojo and adding projects or badges to him will become potentially messy.

    Thanks again,

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hey @Peter-Plumbohm
    First, thanks for the feedback :)
    So, first thing first, we can remove your kid account, that’s fine.
    However, we also have a functionality (quite hidden at the moment, but we’ll be working on it – ) for a child to have multiple parents.

    The parent already associated with the child can invite another parent by email. This functionality is in the edit profile page of the child. This way your wife and yourself can both see the progression of your child in your own profile as well as book into events for them.
    Just give me the details (url of your kid to remove, to ensure that I don’t remove the “real” kid profile) by PM and that should do the trick :)

  • Hi Guillaume,

    thanks for the information, I’ll certainly give that ‘hidden’ feature a try.

    I’m trying to send the details of my son to you, but can currently not locate a ‘PM’ feature. I can see only a chat option, is that what you were refering to?


  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Yes sorry, the PM function is the chat :p

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