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    This month we’re focusing on Online Safety & Recommended Practices for Dojos.

    Dojos are run by volunteer Mentors and Champions from communities all across the world. It is vital, in order to keep Dojos a fun and safe social space, that all adults involved with the Dojo are aware of the best practices for safeguarding the young people attending their Dojos. Parents and volunteers should understand enough about the internet to keep young people safe from harm. It is equally important that we equip youths with skills and knowledge so they can utilise the internet positively and responsibly.

    In order to help promote and encourage awareness and knowledge sharing among the community around the area of Online Safety & Best practices we are offering a number of Nano books to registered and verified Dojos in a variety of languages (English, Portuguese, Lithuanian and Slovak).

    To apply to win a Nano book for your Dojo:

    • Reply to this topic with some useful advice or tips you want to share with other community members about Online Safety and Recommended Practices for Dojos, or ways you help explain Online Safety at your Dojo. (Not sure how to use the forums, check out this video.)

    • Fill in this short form.

    Closing Date for entrants is April 25th.

  • Tramore Dojo

    Kid’s safe emails :e-mail: : TocoMail is a great introduction to email for kids or use to sign up to websites.

    We also created 10 gmail addresses specifically for our donated mobile phones so kids who are not allowed to use email yet use them to learn app inventor. Access is granted to our own gmail of these address to be able to double check activity and not lose ownership.

  • Docklands Dojo

    @Karen-Mc-Carthy I hadn’t heard of Tocomail, looks like a great app, thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks very much Karen. Has been quite a challenge for us as all of our coderdojo kids don’t have email and some who work on laptops they don’t own want their projects sent to them so they can show friends and family after.

  • Tramore Dojo

    @Ciara-McHugh You’re welcome. I’ve used it in class and the kids love it. They can only send and receive email from approved contacts, and it’s free.

  • Tramore Dojo

    @Laura-O-Donoghue We had that problem too, except some did have emails and phones so there was peer pressure on others to get emails and mobile phones!

  • CoderDojo Foundation

           “They can only send and receive email from approved contacts, and it’s free.

    @Karen-Mc-Carthy Sounds awesome, I really like that contacts have to be approved. I’ve heard of some parents feeling under pressure with regards to letting their children have email accounts when their children’s friends have them, so useful option outside of a Dojo context as well :)

  • I hadn’t heard of Tocomail too. I’ve created an account and I’m planning on demonstrating the platform to the kids and their parents on my Dojo. Thank you @Karen-Mc-Carthy!!!

  • Sorry but I’ve seen that it wants you to pay for a subscription. I had to delete the account. I’ll try to find or build a proper tutorial on how to use gmail as a parent.

  • Thanks everyone for your valuable comments/inputs. I believe, it is crucial that we try to develop generic awareness of online safety in young people due to the fact that types of risks involved change everyday. Online safety is a very vast and dynamic subject (even for us adults to comprehend fully) but the fundamentals do remain applicable for much longer periods. An open session, every now and then, with parents and students, maybe even across Dojos, to discuss various risks, vulnerabilities, available tools/softwares, Do’s and Don’ts etc regarding online safety can help build a better awareness over a period of time.

  • @Karen-Mc-Carthy said:


    Hi @Karen-Mc-Carthy. I’ve signed up in Tocomail and I’ve seen that it’s free for a week or so. It wants you to pay in order to use it.

  • Hi Everyone,

    About Online Safety, I can recommend to use the OpenDNS. It’s easy to deploy on your network.

    1. (optional) Create a (really) free OpenDNS account for advanced free settings
    2. Edit the DNS of your Modem/Router with these IP addresses: as the DNS1 and as the DNS2

    That’s all ! :-)
    You can find more informations about OpenDNS here:


  • Hi Everyone,

    An another tips for the Online Safety topics: You can go to this website and download a free complet cyber security kit, “This free KIT offers ready-made tools in Dutch, French and English to raise awareness on phishing, strong passwords and social engineering.”

    Best regards,

  • Hi
    a) the easy way for to protect the children’s when they go ONLINE is to activate some kind of parental control:
    ie: for the RDS-RCS Digi clients in Romania all that parents need to do is to login on their own Internet provider account and click [ACTIVATE] button:
    b) Do Not create Facebook account to the small childrens
    c) childrens shound use Youtube only for educational purpose… limited amount of time per day

  • When we teach in a coderdojo event, and we need to use internet for an online interface, we have at least 2 simple ways: if we have a good line, guardians and parentals will control the ninjas browser; if it is possible, you can install the interface stand alone in one computer (in a nanobook!), and using a fake line with a simple router, you can assign an IP where each ninja can connect at its IP. An example, it is the microbit interface:

  • Too often children bring to the Dojo laptops infected with viruses and malware. The use of good antivirus and anti-malware software is very important if we want to protect children from inappropriate and unsolicited advertisements and similar other problems.

    Many children under 13 register in services such as Facebook by faking their date of birth. It is important to discuss with parents and children alike why these rules exist and why we they should be followed, even when we don’t agree with them or when they seem unfair.

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