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  • Hi Everyone.
    We are setting up a Dojo.
    Can anyone tell us how much upload and down load would be required for a Dojo with
    1 computer?

    12 computers?

    35 computers?

    Regards Keith.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi @Keith-Ronan,
    Where are you located and what upload/download speeds do you have? It really depends on what you are doing.
    You don’t actually need internet to run a Dojo. You can have an offline version of Scratch and use offline text editors for HTML. You can transfer all the offline resources/content you want to cover (sy) using usbs to the youths laptops.
    Also @Nicco-Kunzmann of CoderDojo Potsdam has created an offline server check it out here.
    Walter, who is the Champion of Pesaro, Rimini Dojo in Itlay noted that the offline server “is a very nice piece of work, and extremely useful whenever a dojo has a sort of local network but a very lousy Internet connection. Also, it includes amongst lots of other useful stuff, the Jupyter Notebook Server. A splendid use for a 16Gb microSD and a RasPi 2 (or 3).

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