Adding Ninjas not working

  • Hi,

    I was trying to add an under 13 Ninja to my account, however after entering the details and clicking save I get a message saying that the account is saved, and then it takes me to a screen saying ‘This Account is Private’, and it seems the update has failed, as the under 13 account is not on my account.
    I think this is because I made my account private when I created my account. But I can see no way of changing if my account is private or not.



  • Hi Matthew,

    I don’t see a ninja profile on your account either. Your own profile does not appear to be private.
    Can you email us at with the email of your under 13 so I can investigate this further?

    Best wishes,

  • Hi, I added my son without an email address, as its not mandatory. Just tried with my email address, and still, whilst it said it was saved ok, it still ended up on the “this profile is private” page, and the Ninja has not been saved. I’ll see if I can attach a screenshot - or if not I’ll email it.



  • Hi Matt,

    I’ll reply by email.

    Best wishes,

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