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  • Hi,

    Is is possible to enrich the export functionality of registrations. I would like the export to include the childs age and parents/gardian name.

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    @Richard Hi Richard, thanks for getting in touch and for your suggestion to make the export more extensive. @Rosa-Langhammer would have a better idea for the possibility of making the export more extensive and a potential timeline for the developers to deploy it.
    Also we had a similar discussion here, if you want to check it out :thumbsup_tone3:

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    Hi @Richard, Thanks for commenting - we recently updated the csv export to include parent email and number of attended Dojos. I will add an issue to update further to include age though as we just finished the last issue it may a bit before we roll back around to this :)

    Also to update you - keep an eye out for the email Dojo members feature soon in Manage Users :)

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