Managing monetary funds

  • How do you manage any monetary funds/donations received?

  • 28 views and no suggestions. How do you Champions manage the donations and track it as to be transparent.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi Dan,
    Great question. From CoderDojo's annual survey we seen that 31% of Dojos fundraised in 2016.
    I've heard some Dojos print a simple doc of their income and expenditure each year to share with their Dojo attendees or online to share with the wider community who might be contributing to the Dojo. They can do this in a similar format as our audited accounts if they wish.
    It would be really interesting to hear what other Dojos do to manage donations to make sure they are transparent.
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  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Dan-Harrington141 Hi Dan. CoderDojo Japan used to collect a small amount of money which was logged in a basic Income & Expenditure Google Sheet. They opted to go completely transparent, and had it published on their website (View Only) so anyone could see. They've since created a new site and I can't find it. But @Ross-ONeill can take a look & post here to show you can example.

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