Calling All Girls: Tell Us What Your Working On!

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    Hey Everyone,

    My name is Rachel, I haven’t formally introduced myself here yet! I’m part of the enablement team powering the CoderDojo Girls initiative this year. Community feedback is so important for the overall success of the CoderDojo Girls initiative, and we would really love to hear from you!

    You can get in touch to tell us:

    • About projects you or girls in your Dojo are working on
    • Resources and technologies you are interested in
    • Idea’s you have to attract and retain girls in Dojo’s worldwide

    Check out this short video below! (It’s me :) …trying to remember all the important points I wrote down!)

    0_1489071623157_Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 15.00.02.png

    If you want to keep up to date with our CoderDojo Girls Initiative and to share your insights, You can:

    You can also send us your stories; with your experiences, advice & photos to


  • One of the things we do in DCU is work with like minded friendly organisations, in our case Tog Dublin, Coding Grace and Teen turn to organise Coder Girl Hack Day in October. To be honest for me its a day of fun, it’s relaxed. It’s like any other dojo, but it has girls only with 3 or 4 streams.

    Would be interested in any thoughts from others

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    @Niambh-Scullion Yea I seen Girls Hack Ireland are hosting a day of website building in DCU today. Do you think that it’s more that the girls-only space helps them relax more? or is the content is more girl-friendly in some way as well? It would be great for us to get more insight in how to improve our content to make sure it is approachable and girl-friendly.

    We developed our latest App Inventor content with the idea of making it more visual, goal-focused and approachable with girls in mind, while still being gender-neutral.

    Could you try it out with girls (and boys too) at your Dojo to see what feedback they give, whether it is more approachable and how it can be improved? :)

  • @Nuala-Nic-Éil said in Calling All Girls: Tell Us What Your Working On!:

    to see what feedback they give, whether it is more approachable and how it can be improved?

    Hi @Nuala-Nic-Éil , sure we’ll try out the App Inventor content. We used to use the tutorials. We’ll be winding down for Coolest Projects, would September be too late? I will definitely use them, we also run Coder Girl Hack Day and the suchi cards provided by the foundation are always used.

    With respect to environments, when we started out we had so few girls. And when a new girl came and joined in it was over whelming. Boys don’t mean to be loud (I’m a mum of 2 boys :-)) , they just are.

    In CoderDojo@DCU one thing that surprised visiting mentors that that the girls were not segregated from the boys in a different room or anything. We were all in one big room, the girls just sat together. So it was a bit less intimidating for them.

    Another key success factor was because we ran a girls only session, more amazing female mentors came to help out. Meave and Meabh are incredible. The presence of female role models is really important and can’t really be under estimated.

    I love reading about girl only events like the ghi event and other coder dojo girl initiatives, because the likely hood is that there will be female mentors present. All of this enforces the fact that there is a place in the tech world for women.


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    Hey @Niambh-Scullion, thanks for all these great points to consider. I have found that the boys can be a little loud at times too :) This can be frustrating. I 100% agree that the presence of female mentors cannot be underestimated, hopefully we get some female mentors & champions from our global community submitting their stories so far…it would be really great to feature them on our blog and across social media.

    Rach x

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    Last week Trieste, Italy held their first Dojo events for girls…
    alt text

    Here are the final comments left by #CoderDojoGirls attending the event :)

    alt text

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    @Nuala-Nic-Éil amazing!!! Love their colourful pictures! It’s great to see the girls being creative!

  • Hi Rachel, small world. We start our ‘Code Like a Girl’ initiative with primary school girls next month. 5th,6th class girls, 6 45 minute sessions using a Dojo-in-a-box metaphor with Sushi style session outlines. It would be great to share experiences with other folks and develop on the back of best of all those experiences. We are fortunate this particular effort is being supported as part of Pramerica’s STEAM CSR initiatives. IT is our hope we can stimulate a model where like minded companies will support ‘Code Ambassadors’ going into the schools to kick start the effort. One of our ambitions is tieing it into a Schools Ambassador Programme, where the corporate train the Transition Year students to deliver the programme into primary schools, developing a buddy system of secondary schools to primary schools. The secondary school students earn ‘School Transition Year Code Ambassador’ status they can use on college apps or work internship apps. So far, secondary schools have enlisted to be Hub Schools for nearby regions, to assist coordination of the effort of pairing the schools, schedules, volunteers, etc…

    Bit of work yet to go, but I think as a model it has some legs.
    We’ll see, anyone who wants me to keep them posted, let me know.
    Coder Dojo Letterkenny Champ

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    @Tim-Kelley Hi Tim, that is great to hear. Do you have a link to more info or the content covered?
    Is it this group or another?
    I love that idea of getting TY students involved and teaching primary school kids and developing a buddy/role model system. I would love to hear more about it as it progresses, having teens involved is a great way to keep young kids interested as they get a little older as girls can often drop off around 12-13 years.

  • @Nuala-Nic-Éil Hah, didn’t even know that one, it started out as not just for boys, so never really looked around, but like the way the Australia folks have it out there. Tried to do an all girls couple years ago, but came up short for volunteers. The TY angle I think will be a winner, cause we tested it using hour of code as taster sessions end of last year and there was a great vibe on both sides, mentor and mentee. Younger ones like to do what older ones do, and older ones get a sense of self for what they know, it is win-win. So far this is the pilot, so no links yet , kicks into gear next month, starting with sushi sets initially, dojo in a box kind of approach. The kids arent the only audience in the room. Usually once teachers see it as an actiivity to facilitate, it becomes less of something to be feared. As TYs will hopefully demonstrate, it will be something welcomed into the schools by the elearning teams.
    We had a Women in Tech event in our work this week and that group has offered to participate, so hopefully the role model approach will reinforce the kids. we will see.

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    @Tim-Kelley That sounds awesome! Definitely let @Philip-Harney know if you or the attendees have any feedback to improve the sushi cards.

    That is great, I know Kansas city Dojo is backed by Women in Tech group there and it really helps them with regards to mentors, and especially female mentors which can really help with retaining girls as we’ve found through the correlation between female mentors and attendees in our annual survey (both at 29% in our 2016 survey).

    Cool, do let us know how you get on next month with it! :)

  • will do , since then our corporate WIT group is organizing to host the girls on site and talk about careers in tech.,

    cheers Nuala

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