Uploading images to Dojo listings on Zen?

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    Hi. Is it possible to upload images to a Dojo listing on Zen? When I click on the “image” icon in the text editing area, a pop up appears giving me editing options but I can’t see an upload button.

    I want to help Champions improve their promotion of their Dojo to potential mentors and having some images of the Dojo will help that.

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    @Karen-Wellington Hi Karen. Thanks for getting in touch. Do you mean to upload an image as the Dojo profile image on their page? I have included a gif of how to do this. Or if they want to include sponsor images they can paste in the url for the sponsors logo/image at the bottom, as shown.

    Or is any of these functions working differently for you?

    alt text

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    Hi @Karen-Wellington actually do you mean an image on the page itself, like a gallery image to show what the Dojo is like? Currently this is not possible. However, eventually we are hoping to let the feed from authorised sources to be integrated on to a profile. For example if you specify an url of the main social media channel you use for your Dojo (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram) it would create an integration of the feed and show up on your Dojo profile page once we had the source verified.

    This way we wouldn’t have to waste time skimming through Dojo pages for inappropriate content as this would be done by the host sites (eg. Facebook).

    Here is the github issue @Guillaume-Feliciano created to make this happen.

    The more community demand there is for this feature the higher it will be prioritised. So if this is something other Champions or community members think is important, feel free to say so below so development time can be allocated accordingly.

    Also if you know nodejs please feel free to contribute on our open source platform on github and create a pull request for this or other issues.

    alt text

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