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  • Greetings from CoderDojo Nafpaktos,

    I’m organizing an event and I use eventbrite system. All participants are registring for my event through eventbrite and they will be checked in by the booking system. It’s all free so it helped me a lot. Do I have to register my participants in your system too? Is it OK if I don’t do that? Do I have to start sending invitations through the zen system? I’m afraid that people won’t understand what to do cause many of them speak only Greek. I don’t think that they will reply to the invitation form zen. What can I do? Am I obligated on doing the whole process through the zen?

    Thank you for your help!

  • @Iraklis-Markelis

    Hi Iraklis,

    It is ok for you to continue to use Eventbrite but ideally we would like all Dojos using this system. We hope to have the Platform translated to Greek as soon as possible and we are actively seeking translators. (You can see the Crowdin project for the Platform here>>).

    Your mentors, members and parents though will miss out on opportunities through the Platform by not using it such as badging, forums, youth competitions and pro bono partnership benefit opportunities.

    Please do keep an eye on our social media and newsletter (sign up in the footer of our website ) to see updates on opportunities through the platform for your Dojo and your members.

    Best wishes,


  • MegaDojo

    One of the big issues for us is that eventbrite has a very handy app for check ins (called entrymanager or neon depending on the version). As we deal with large numbers at our dojo (sometimes up to 150), we’d be lost without this app.

    I have approached eventbrite about allowing a bulk upload of bookings into their system which would allow us to take bookings on zen and then export the file and import it into eventbrite so we can use the app for checkins

  • @Barry-Kennedy We do have a plan to build our own check in app in the long term.

    Let me know if Eventbrite get in touch - that would be a useful workaround in the short term!

  • More good reasons for Eventbrite-like functionality: https://forums.coderdojo.com/topic/39/starting-a-dojo-with-the-platform/2

  • It’s great to see such interest around this topic! We do have a list of issues already for the Tickets system, you can feel free to have a look at the stuff that is already raised. If you don’t find your request there for features you can always add your own! The more suggestions and input we get from you guys the better the Platform will become and the more useful it’ll be for you!

    You can find all of the issues we have so far here and if you wish to add an issue, be sure to read through our guide of how to add an issue here.

  • MegaDojo

    Just an update on the feature request i made to eventbrite - their support team don’t have a timeline for this being implemented but it is with their product team and its something they do wish to include

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