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  • We have a need at my dojo to have a signout list so that we can keep track of which parent leaves with (or is allowed to leave with) which student. Could such a feature be added to Zen?

    Why would such a feature be needed? Because we can’t assume a child’s parents or guardians are all on good terms. We has a situation once where a parent came at the end looking to pick up a child, and that child was gone. The parent was not happy with us dojo leaders. After about 10 minutes of texts and phone calls we found that the other parent had taken the child home. The parents were divorced and had not communicated that evening who was taking home the child. Since that time we instituted a signin-signout system, much like our local school district requires to allow students to go home with parents after athletic contests.

    You might ask why don’t all the parents stay with the kids? The answer is we would have little to no attendance at our dojo if we required parents to stay with all students. We only require it of students up to 8 years old.

    If I should create this feature request as a new issue in GitHub, please let me know. Thank you.

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    That’s an interesting idea and it definitiely match our goals in term of protection of the youth. We’re booked in term of dev planning until May, so we’ll have time to discuss its potential implementation pro/cons until then :)
    And please do, open a github issue ! :p

  • Same here, we use a Google Sheet for the purpose.Eventbrite is great, but if we cannot mark who is present at what time etc. no use.

    For safety fire etc. we need to know who is in the building at any given time. If the list also has contact details for adult, we can react quickly. For example, child is older, no guardian with him but he is not feeling well, check list, call guardian, when they come to collect sign out. Instant updated list.

    Can’t wait to have this feature!

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